Our AIS antenna kit

Our antenna kit is a very simple system designed to detect nearby AIS signals and forward them to the Vesseltracker server in real time.

Installation Kit

Antenna kit components

  • AIS Receiver
  • Coaxial cable
  • AIS receiver
  • Mini-PC

Detection range

The antenna's range depends on several factors:

Elevation: because of the Earth's curvature, the higher an antenna is placed, the further it will be able to detect.
Line-of-sight: large objects such as mountains, hills and large buildings will block AIS signals from reaching the antenna. In general, if an antenna can "see" a vessel, it can detect its AIS signals.
Local weather conditions: certain weather conditions will cause AIS signals to travel further through the atmosphere and across water. In these conditions, the antenna will detect signals much further away than normal.

In general, antennas can detect vessels within at least 35-45 kilometres (20-25 nautical miles), with higher ranges possible the higher the antenna is placed.

Power consumption

Because the AIS antenna is a completely passive system, it has an extremely low power consumption of approximately 7 Watts.

Internet/bandwidth consumption

Internet consumption depends on the amount of AIS data received by the antenna, which largely depends on the number of vessels nearby. However, even in major ports such as Singapore, Rotterdam and Los Angeles, the Internet consumed by our AIS antennas is very low - the equivalent of sending several extra emails per day.


Antenna partners are responsible for installing their antenna. While most partners choose to install the antenna themselves, in difficult locations you may wish to hire an installer to help.


We give you free setup and installation support via telephone.

To place an order, please contact us.

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