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First of all: Thank you for the good ratings!!! My name is Thomas Andreas. I'm 22 years old and love ships since my first trip to Rotterdam, when I was four. I take photos for about 8 years now and hope, that they can keep up with those of the "professionals". I'd be glad to get some feedback...even if it's criticism... My photolocations are: Rotterdam NL Antwerp BE Hamburg GER Stade/Lühe GER Cuxhaven GER Bremen GER Wilhelmshaven GER Ijmuijden NL Vlissingen NL Ghent BE Sas van Ghent NL Sluiskil NL Terneuzen NL Walsoorden NL Aabenra DEN Esbjerg DEN Pecem BRA Reasons for NOT giving You a star: -trimmed ships -aslope pictures -bad-positioned ships -over/underexposed pictures -bad weather... -pictures where You can't see the ship -pictures that contain too much stuff in the fore/background (e.g. whole tankerjetty or thousands of barges or so...)

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