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Ukrainian ports still going strong

Tue Mar 11 10:25:36 CET 2014 arnekiel

Monday, 10 March 2014 Ukraine’s three largest ports, Odessa, Ilyichevsk and Yuzhny, are all “stable” and “under control”, despite the current unrest in the country, but others are less secure. This is according to a statement by Dias Marine Consultants Co Ltd, Ukrainian correspondent of The Swedish Club, which says local authorities are doing their bit to keep the situation at bay. “The same can be said about leading ports on the Azov Sea, Mariupol and Berdyansk, where the situation in the towns is quiet and kept under control.” However, the Port of Kherson in southern Ukraine is looking “more aggressive”, says Dias Marine. A spokesperson for Odessa-based legal firm, Interlegal, said to Port Strategy: “Port and logistics are quite conservative. Some time has passed and we are going to see problems in the industry, for sure.” The ports of Dneprobugskiy, Oktyabrskiy ports, Nibulon private grain terminal, as well as Nikolaev River and Nikolayev seaports, are also more stable than the Port of Kherson, but things are still uncertain. But the grain terminals of the Port of Sevastopol, on the Crimean Peninsula, shipment operations are said to be in normal mode. The future of the country’s ports in terms of privatisation is also unknown. Denys Rabomizo, a spokesperson from Rabomizo Law Firm, told PS: “Due to the change of state power in Ukraine, it is quite possible that adjustments will be made in the process of privatisation of Ukrainian sea ports.” Source: Port Strategy

Ukraine’s port of Ilyichevsk handles largest ever boxship TUBUL

Tue Nov 08 11:21:04 CET 2011 arnekiel

On November 6th, the Tubul called at Sea Commercial Port of Illichivsk (Ilyichevsk) en route to Odessa port, the biggest container ship that ever docked at a Ukrainian port, the company said. The 8,006teu boxship arrived from Istanbul. The Tubul has deadweight of 94.660 tons, length - 300 m, breadth - 46 m, draft - 13.5 m. The Tubul docked at berth number 3 of Illichivsk port to discharge 646 containers and take on board 658 boxes. On November 8 the vessel will make for Odessa. "Illichivsk port is able to accommodate 3 ocean-going containerships at a time with a capacity of over 5,000 TEUs and 300 m in length. The previous largest boxship, the Palena, visited SCPI in 2009. The Tubul exceeds her capacity by 1.460 TEUs and in deadweight tonnage - by 13.41 tons,” the port authorities said.

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