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 Estelle  (General Cargo Ship)
2,298 days ago by Timsen

Estelle adrift and aground
On Apr 28, 2012, the "Estelle" got in distress west of Nagu in the afternoon. Short past noon the main engine failed due to fuel shortage. The crew immediately tried to anchor, but the water was too deep. The ship ran onto the beach at Lydarudd. A boat of the Coastguard in Nagu was just minutes away from the scene and came to the rescue. They could tow the boat from the shore to the yard in Retais. There were 17 persons aboard the "Estelle" which was en route from Turku via Retais to the Mediterranean and the Gaza Strip. Swedish report with photo:

 Celina  (General Cargo Ship)
2,298 days ago by Timsen

Final voyage
The "Celina" was towed from Raudeberg to Denmark to be broken up at Smedegaarden in Esbjerg where it had arrived on May 1. The damage to the main engine had led to the decision to scrap the ship. Danish photo report: www.smedegaarden....

 Tellier  (Gas Tanker > Lng Tanker)
2,298 days ago by Timsen

Tellier reached scrapyard
In the morning of Apr 28 the "Tellier" reached Ghent, towed by the "Multratug 3" from Le Havre and assisted by the "Multratug 10" and "Multratug 11". The ship was moored at Van Heygen Recycling in the Sea Canal Ghent-Terneuzen. Bad weather had delayed the towage for two days. Dutch and French reports with photos: www.tugspotters.c... www.meretmarine.c...

 Zheng Yun 1  (Container Ship)
2,298 days ago by Timsen

Stern of Bareli at Tanguy Ancorage
Salvage efforts on the "Bareli" have continued to progress well. The stern and forward sections of the vessel were safely and successfully separated by Shanghai Salvage Company on Apr 24. The stern section was towed to a safe location at the Tanguy Anchorage. The risk of oil spilling from the vessel has now been significantly reduced as the stern is safely afloat at a safe location and there is no more oil in the double bottom tanks, while the forward section was resting stable on the seabed at the location of the grounding site. Some 1000 containers and 830 tons of fuel oil have been recovered from the vessel by the salvors. Approximately 300 tons of oil still remained in the stern section tanks, while some 200 containers remained in the cargo holds of the forward section. 165 containers are missing, probably fallen into the sea. The "Bareli" has been declared a total loss following the grounding outside Fuquing in Fujian Province, China, on Mar 15.

 River Embley  (Bulk Carrier)
2,299 days ago by arnekiel

RIVER EMBLEY made her final voyage from Weipa to Gladstone after 29 years of service
THE ore carrier, RIVER EMBLEY made her final voyage from Weipa to Gladstone on Saturday afternoon after 29 years of service. The SS EMBLEY, and her sistership RIVER BOYNE, were specifically designed for the bauxite trade between Weipa and Gladstone. Her keel was laid in 1982 in Nagasaki, Japan and under the guidance of her first Master, Captain Liddle, she arrived in Weipa on July 3, 1983 after sailing a distance of 3231 miles with an average speed of 11.55 knots. The twin funnels of the sisterships have been a landmark signature for the vessels, which were advanced ships of their time when fuel prices were very high. The SS EMBLEY made a total of 816 voyages, carrying 56,340,000 tonnes of bauxite, and 852,000 tonnes of alumina on occasional voyages from Gladstone to Newcastle. During her tenure she travelled a total distance of 1,632,000 nautical miles and burnt 1,836,000 tonnes of coal. The grand old carrier will be leaving Gladstone at the end of April, bound for Singapore to be handed over to new owners. Source : Western Cape Bulletin

 Carrier  (General Cargo Ship)
2,299 days ago by arnekiel

MV Carrier is dismantled on Llanddulas shore
Large BBC Picture report on:

 M.v.albedo  (Container Ship)
2,299 days ago by arnekiel

Somali pirates extend deadline for ALBEDO again until May, 10
Relatives and supporters of the 22- member crew of the abducted Dubai-origin ship, MV Albedo, have accelerated their campaign to meet the shortfall in the funds as the pirates have given their nod to extend the deadline till May 10. According to the family members and daughter of the abducted Pakistani captain of the ship Jawaid Saleem Khan in Dubai and the chief mediator in Karachi, Ahmed Chinoy, they have requested the pirates to extend the deadline as they were unable to raise the money demanded, $2.85 million, before April 20. Last month, Chief of the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) Ahmed Chinoy had visited Dubai and approached Somali businessmen based in the UAE. They had maintained contact with pirates in Somalia and finalised April 20 as the deadline for the payment of the money. The money demanded by them is not a ransom, but the expenses incurred by the pirates on 22- member crew for the past 17 months.

 Allcargo Sushila  (General Cargo Ship)
2,299 days ago by arnekiel

"Atlantic Cruiser" departed from Turkey late on Friday, April 27.
"Atlantic Cruiser", the ship which has been kept waiting in Iskenderun Port as suspected of carrying weapons to Syria, departed from the port of Iskenderun late on Friday. The Antigua & Barbuda-flagged "Atlantic Cruiser" has been in Turkey's southern Iskenderun since April 18. The ship's Ukrainian captain presented the cargo manifest which included 313 tons on civilian-purpose explosives, fuse and capsules destined for six different Turkish receivers as well as a separate pack of 31-ton civilian-purpose explosives headed for Croatia. The list also shows the ship carried 68 tons of oil-refinery equipment for Russia as well as 945 tons of parts of a coal plant project bound for Syria's Tartus port. Customs officials and policemen inspected the equipment in the ship for ten days, and then allowed the ship to leave the port. "Atlantic Cruiser" left for Syros Port of Greece. A German news magazine argued that "Atlantic Cruiser" was carrying Iranian weapons to Syria. "The ship, weighing 6,200 tons, was carrying weapons and ammunition to Tartus, Syria with the aim of arming President Bashar al-Assad's forces," it said. www.worldbulletin...

 Rena  (Container Ship)
2,299 days ago by arnekiel

Containers from Rena's stern set to be recovered
Containers trapped in the submerged section of the sunken Rena wreck could soon be recovered. Divers are using specialised underwater cutting equipment to gain access to the submerged stern section of the ship. Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) said divers had cut into parts of the section, accessed a number of containers and prepared them for removal. MNZ said dive operations to remove smaller pieces of debris and cargo had also been undertaken this week. Divers and salvors faced moderate to strong winds and swells of up to 3 metres. The weather conditions were forecast to ease during the weekend. www.bayofplentyti...

 S.a. Agulhas II  (Service Ship > Research Vessel)
2,299 days ago by arnekiel

SA Agulhas II to arrive at Cape Town this week
SOUTH Africa's new R1.3-billion polar research and supply vessel, the SA Agulhas II, will dock in Table Bay harbour on Thursday, May 03, 2012 to be welcomed by President Jacob Zuma. "We're now 420 nautical miles west of the Kunene River mouth and edging closer to the homeland," wrote Captain Freddie Ligthelm in his blog this week. "We've slowed our progress a bit to keep within our arrival schedule," said Ligthelm, who is overseeing delivery of the multi-purpose ship on behalf of the Department of Environmental Affairs. The ship - which succeeds the 35-year-old SA Agulhas - was handed over by shipbuilding company STX Finland earlier this month after completing sea and ice trials in the northern Baltic. The ship set sail for Cape Town on her maiden voyage on Good Friday.

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