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 Cafer Dede  (Container Ship)
2,470 days ago by Timsen

Greek reports with photos www.patrinorama.c...

 Rebecca Irene  (Fishing Vessel)
2,470 days ago by Timsen

Rebecca Irene partially evacuated following engine failure
The Coast Guard has evacuated most of the crew from the "Rebecca Irene" limping on one engine in the stormy Bering Sea on Nov 8, 2011. 20 of the 34 crew members from the catcher-processor were taken aboard the Coast Guard cutter "Sherman" after the fishing vessel lost power in its other engine and called for aassistance at 4.45 a.m. The ship with its cargo of 270.000 pounds frozen fish was continuing its slow progress during the night towards the next land, Unimak Island in the Aleutian chain in a distance of 115 miles, while the "Sherman" which had reached the ship at 1 p.m. was escorting it. Weather in the area included 40 mph winds and swells of 19 feet. The engine failure of the "Rebecca Irene", however, was not storm-related and occurred in calm seas. Magone Marine Services in Unalaska has dispatched the tug "Double Eagle", but weather was likely to keep it from reaching the vessel until Nov 9 at the earliest.

 Sino 6  (Bulk Carrier)
2,470 days ago by Timsen

Voyage to Jeddah after unexpected stay in Hamburg
The "Rip Hudner" is actually sailing towards Jeddah after having departed from Hamburg on Nov 2 after having unexpectedly spent some days at the pilings in Finkenwerder following its arrival from Istanbul, before then mooring at Hamburg UCT from Oct 29 to Nov 1.

 Fanafjord  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
2,470 days ago by Timsen

Ferry grounding in fog
On Nov 8, 2011, at 6 p.m. the "Fanafjord" got stuck on a small island on the way towards HalhjemT. he ferry was able to back off the rocks with own power within some minutes after the accident. All vehicles and the 90 passengers were disembarked after the grounding. The ferry then tied up to the pier and police launched an investigation. Dense fog may have contributed to the accident which seemed to have damaged a thruster. Divers were sent to investigate. No reports of damage to either people or vehicles. The "Fanafjord", however, was taken out of traffic and therefore therewas a half-hour delay on the route which was served only by the "Raunefjord" now in the evening. Norwegian report with photo and video:

 Cgseneca  (Other)
2,470 days ago by Timsen

Seneca took sinking barge in tow
The crew of the "Seneca" responded to a sinking barge approximately 10 miles east of Miami in the afternoon of Nov 7, 2011. The crew of a 94-foot tug towing a 270-foot barge notified Coast Guard Sector Miami watchstanders they were experiencing fuel problems and later became disabled and adrift. The "Seneca" arrived on scene and took the tug in tow. The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter "Diamondback" and a Coast Guard Air Station Miami HC-144 Ocean Sentry aircrew also arrived on scene to monitor the situation. The barge, which has 33 empty containers on deck, was believed to be taking on water. Divers from TowBoat U.S. were attempting to dewater the barge. A commercial tug was scheduled to arrive on scene on Nov 8morning to relieve the "Seneca" of its tow. Report with photo: www.d7publicaffai...

 Rijnborg  (Container Ship)
2,470 days ago by Timsen

Ferry halted by gearing damage
The "Rijnborg" suffered a serious damage to its gearing while passing the Kiel Canal near Ostermoor on Nov 5. The ship sailed to Hamburg and moored at Blohm & Voss Yard for repairs on Nov 6, 2 p.m. after having unloaded its cargo before.

 Wolfrose  (General Cargo Ship)
2,470 days ago by Timsen

Wolfrose pulled off
The "Wolfrose" could be pulled off the gravel bar on the Danube at Mühlham near Osterhofen late on Nov 8 after 350 tons of soybean meal were lightered onto another ship by a dredger. The "Wolfrose" was surveyed by divers especially regarding possible rudder damage before it was allowed to continue its way to Austria with own power. German report with photos:

 Rena  (Container Ship)
2,470 days ago by Timsen

Air pockets frustrating salvors
Pockets of air trapped in the "Rena"’s submerged starboard wing tank are believed to be the principal stumbling block preventing pumping of the last 358 tonnes of heavy fuel oil off the vessel as every time the salvors began pumping oil from the tank, they encountered air and had to spend hours clearing and resetting the system before they could try again. The salvors had also traced the source of seawater which had been preventing the removal of the remaining 20,000 litres of lubricating oil from the "Rena"’sengine room storage tank. They were in the process of sealing the vents and would resume pumping the lubricating oil as soon as that was finished. Divers report that there was no apparent change in the condition of the "Rena"’s hull. The crack in the hull on the "Rena"’s starboard side has now reached across the deck and has sheared the hatch coaming at no 2 hold, so it will only be a section of the double bottoms and the lattice work of containers within the hold, that are holding her together. Salvors said that the grinding noise at number 2 hold has become significantly louder and that they could feel the rocking motion of the "Rena", more so than before. There is some crumpling damage on her hull, immediately forward of her accommodation, in the vicinity of the bilge keel, caused by the sheer force at the bulkhead between the vessel's engine room and the next forward hatch. In the recent north easterly blow, the still buoyant engine room and aft hatch were rising and falling with the swell, at a different rate to the section of the hull wedded to the reef. The focal point for the structural flexing caused by that difference of motion, is at that bulkhead forward of the engine room, already under sheer force stress. As the trough of the heavy swell has caused the aft end of the Rena to drop, the bottom of the hull has buckled under compression forces, while at the deck, expansion forces have caused cracking. Container removal contractor Braemar Howells used a helicopter to remove 51 cubic metres of debris from Motiti Island on Nov 8, 2011. which is part of their task of locating and removing wreckage and debris from the containers that were lost overboard from the "Rena" three weeks ago.

 Energy Enhancer  (Service Ship)
2,470 days ago by Timsen

Mayday overheard by Energy Enhancer saved yachtman
On Nov 8, 2011, at 4.42 p.m., Yarmouth Coastguard were contacted by the crew of the "Energy Enhancer", who had heard a brief Mayday call from a man on board a yacht that was possibly on fire approximately 40 miles east of Cromer in Norfolk. The standby vessel "Highland Champion" was en route to investigate, and Yarmouth Coastguard also requested the launch of the Cromer RNLI Lifeboat and sent the Rescue Helicopter from RAF Wattisham to the scene. The offshore patrol vessel HMS "Mersey" was also in the area and sent its fast rescue boat, which arrived on scene first and located the single handed sailor, who had abandoned his yacht for his liferaft. The rescue helicopter met up with HMS "Mersey" 35 miles out to sea and collected the sailor and brought him ashore. The yacht subsequently burnt out and sank.

 Hanna M  (General Cargo Ship > Refrigerated Cargo Ship)
2,470 days ago by arnekiel

Sold to Alang for scrapping ETA Nov. 12

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