API & Customized Data Delivery

Vesseltracker provides the most comprehensive and accurate feed of global shipping on the market and offers live data services via API (SOAP and REST), NMEA or FTP as well as customized historical extractions, reports and analytics and standard modules such as vessel movements, port events and ShipDB - characteristics and ownership.

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Most Accurate Coverage Network and Patented Technology

Vesseltracker operates the largest and fastest growing privately owned AIS receiver network on the planet, combined with the most technologically advanced satellite constellation available.

Vesseltracker tracks well over 120,000 vessels daily in near real-time, and completes this global picture with a comprehensive and accurate database of vessels, ports, news and weather and distance tables. We operate the only satellite constellation dedicated solely to AIS and that further uses a patented technology called spectrum de-collision processing (SDP) that enables each satellite to detect more than 5 times the number of vessels per pass than any other satellites - see below image.


Vessel Characteristics, Specifications and Ownership Data - SHIP DB

Vesseltracker uses multiple information sources to build the complete picture of each and every commercial vessel. This information may include, when and where it has been built, its size, structure and capacity, what equipment and engines it has on board, how it is propelled, who owns and operates it, under what flag state it is registered and any changes in any information relating to a vessel. Vesseltracker maintains a comprehensive and up-to-date vessel database that can be viewed online or accessed via API.

Distance and ETA Calculator

Through analysis of hundreds of thousands of journeys Vesseltracker has identified global shipping routes and can calculate distance, voyage time and ETA with a high level of confidence.

Vesseltracker can calculate a vessels route from any point on the globe to any other point and couple it with a realistic ETA, taking into account and speed limits and generating alternative routes. This service is also available via API.