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Satellite & Antenna AIS Coverage

Google Earth


Webbased Tracking

Satellite and Antenna data combined
Use Google Earth for Worldwide Vesseltracking
Browserbased Tracking, no Installation of other Software required

My Vessellist

Google Earth

Regional Alerting

Status Alerting

Define multiple vessel-lists and add notes to vessels
Define Zone Alerts based on Vessel Movements

Define Alerts based on the Vessel Status

Vessel Archive


Enhanced Vessel Search

Enhanced Master Data

Data & Photos for more than 80.000 vessels

Find Vessels by specific Criterias & actual Position

Get More Information about a specific vessel

24 hour tracking


Last Known Berths

Sailing Schedules

get detail Track for the last 24 hours

get last known Ports and Berths

get the latest schedule for more than 3.000 containervessels

Port Information

How Pages Work

Setup a Page

Movement and other Information for all Ports worldwide
How Pages work

How to setup a Pages entry for your business

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