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Type: Cruise Ship ( Barcos de pasajeros )       IMO:9229659       Callsign:ZCDF4       MMSI:310376000
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Static Data
Length: 294.0m Beam: 38.0m
GRT: 91627
Eng. Builder:
Position Data
Status: MOVING
Heading: 319.0° Course: 317.0°
Speed: 12.7kts Max. Speed: -
Area: Strait of Georgia
Source: T-AIS Update: 2 min ago
Voyage Data
From: Vancouver Canada
Destination: Ketchikan United States of America
ETA: 25.05.2018 15:00
Draught: 8.3m Max. Draught: 8.0m
Source: T-AIS Update: 2 min ago

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