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 Navios Symmetry  (Bulk Carrier)
15 min ago by Timsen

Bulkcarried delivered to Navios Maritime Partners L.P.
Navios Maritime Partners L.P. announced on May 23, 2018, that it took delivery of the "Navios Symmetry" on May 21. The vessel was acquired for a price of US$11.0 million. The vessel was chartered out at a net rate of US$9375/d until July 2018. Based on the existing charter and the current rate environment (Clarksons’ one year time charter rate for panamax vessels as of 18 May 2018), the vessel was expected to generate approximately US$2.5 million of EBITDA for the first year, assuming maximum redelivery period from charterers, operating expenses approximating current operating costs and 360 revenue and cost days. The acquisition of the vessel was financed with cash on the balance sheet and US$7.15 million bank debt maturing in 2023 and bearing interest at LIBOR plus 300 bps per annum.

 Selkie  (Other)
17 min ago by Timsen

Dredger grounded at Burghead
The "Selkie", tasked with the specific job of clearing the entrances to Moray harbours has become stranded on a sandbank in Burghead on May 22, 2018. The crew of the 240-tonne dredger was forced to dump silt gathered in the bay overboard in order to lighten the vessel so it could float off again. It was the latest blow to rock the "Selkie" after its deployment was questioned, following confirmation the vessel only dredged for 71 days between January and the end of November 2017 and remained berthed for months. The vessel was not damaged during the unintentional grounding which occurred in aiming to maximise the quantity dredged from the harbour entrance before the tide dropped too much. But the dredger touched some ridges on the sandbank on its way out to the dump site over high water.

 Auto Banner  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship > Vehicles Carrier)
28 min ago by Timsen

Fire out after three days
Firefighters completely put out the fire aboard the "Auto Banner" on May 24, three days after the blaze started on the vehicle carrier at the port of Incheon. The fire gutted about 1,500 used cars, sending black smoke from burning tires billowing into the sky over Incheon. A total of 2,438 used cars were on the ship when the blaze broke out in the morning of May 21 on deck 11. The blaze also gutted the decks 12 and 13. About 840 firefighters and some 240 fire trucks were mobilized for putting the fire out. Fire officials wre trying to determine the exact cause of the blaze and the amount of damage, but it would take at least a month to scrutinize the scene. Coast Guard officials have also interviewed shipping firm officials and crew members, including the ship's boatswain from Myanmar and obtained a statement that the fire started in the front of a car on the ship's 11th deck. Specific results of the investigation will be announced after a detailed scrutiny by a joint team of officials from the fire department and the National Forensic Service. Report with photo: www.koreaherald.c...

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