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 Heiko  (General Cargo Ship)
1 hour ago by Timsen

Burning ship abandoned
On Sep 19, 2018, short before midnight the "Heiko", sailing in ballast, suffered an engine breakdown, followed by a fire. The ship drifted aground at Flatøy off Askvoll in Sogn og Fjordane. The MRCC in Sola launched a rescue operation for the crew of four-. On-site was the storm Helena and caused very bad weather. Three ships were assisting, while one helicopter came from Florø, another out of Sola. Within a quarter of an hour all four men were taken off at 1.25 a.m.. One suffered an arm fracture. He was taken by boat to Bergen, the other three were flown to Florø.

 Seikongen  (Fishing Vessel > Fish Carrier)
2 hours ago by Timsen

410 cbm dead salmon unloaded
On Sep 19 the discharge of dead salmon from the "Seikongen" in Yoma San José de Calbucobegan. The procedure was done safely, both for people and the environment, and measurements of the level of hydrogen sulfide were constantly being made. 410 cubic meters of a total and 1,900 cbm were unloaded. The extraction was done according to the plan reviewed and authorized by the competent authorities.

 Schleswig-holstein  (Other)
2 hours ago by Timsen

Fire off Kiel injured 10
On Sep 18. 2018, a fire broke out aboard the "Schleswig-Holstein" and injured ten soldiers on the Baltic Sea off Kiel. The ship was on a training trip. Because of the damage, it had to enter Kiel. After leaving Flensburg, the crew of the frigate should actually begin the operational tests. But around 8 p.m. there was a cable fire in a switchboard in the rear. The crew was able to quickly bring the fire under control and extinguish it. However, as there was heavy smoke below deck, ten soldiers suffered smoke poisoning. One was taken off shortly before 9 p.m. by the DGzRS lifeboat "Berlin" from Laboe. Seven other soldiers were picked up by ambulances in Kiel and taken to hospitals. Two soldiers suffered light smoke poisoning and could stay on board. The damage has already been assessed and investigated.It can be repaired in Kiel. Spare parts were requested and the frigate was due to leave again next week. In addition to the control panel, a number of mattresses must be replaced because they have been contaminated with the toxic fire smoke. In addition, extensive cleaning work was underway.

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