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 Peter  (Tug)
4 hours ago by arnekiel

The world’s ‘greenest’ bed leveller for Dutch Dredging
With the delivery of the ‘Peter’ last Thursday, the fleet of Dutch Dredging (Baggerbedrijf de Boer) now has the world’s most sustainable bed leveller. The 22.4-metre-long vessel complies not only with the strict IMO Tier 3 standard for the emission of harmful substances in shipping but also with the Euro Stage 5 standard for emissions in inland shipping. John Nieuwenhuijse, the manager of New Building at Baggerbedrijf de Boer – Dutch Dredging, says that there was a lot of fiddling and fitting but, in the end, the two 550 hp Scania main engines were fitted out with after-treatment systems to clean exhaust gases. ‘We installed a selective catalytic reductionsystem (SCR) in the exhaust that converts nitrogen oxides (NOx) into water vapour and nitrogen. We also have diesel particulate filters (DPF) to reduce soot emissions. So we can now cater to the increasing demand from clients for low-emission vessels.’

 Taharoa Destiny  (Bulk Carrier)
4 hours ago by arnekiel

NYK-operated Ship Recognized for Contribution to Marine Weather Forecasts
NYK-operated Taharoa Destiny, a vessel dedicated to the transport of ironsand slurry,* was recently awarded the Meteorological Agency’s Director-General Award for the contribution the ship has made to meteorological business development by observing marine weather conditions and transmitting observation results over an extended period of time. Every year, Japan’s minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT), together with the director-general of the Japan Meteorological Agency, commend vessels that have participated in observing and reporting marine weather conditions. In fact, NYK-operated vessels received the MLIT’s Minister Award and the Meteorological Agency’s Director-General Award in 2005. Taharoa Destiny, which was recognized this year, has been in operation since 2012 transporting 1.2 million tons of ironsand slurry annually from New Zealand to China and Japan. NYK will continue to provide information on marine weather conditions to help ensure ship safety.

 Hamoudi B  (Bulk Carrier)
5 hours ago by Timsen

Pilot died after falling on bridge wing deck
A Romanian pilot died on the bridge wing of the "Hamoudi B" in the morning of June 19, 2018, while guiding the ship into port. He just fell down and passed away. An injury was mentioned, so all in all it was not yet clear why the 60-year old man died. Probably his death was caused by a trauma he sustained when hitting the deck.

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