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 Alexandr Arzhavkin  (Vrachtschepen)
13 hours ago by Swiss63

Broken up
BU Aliaga 28.3.17 [Ersay Gemi GD]

 Prospector II  (Tankers)
14 hours ago by BerndU

Beached at Aliaga 23.01.18

 Pagas  (Tankers)
14 hours ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
Sold to Gadani Breakers

 Dorida  (Vrachtschepen)
14 hours ago by BerndU

Beached at Alang 23.01.18

 Columbia  (Passagierschepen)
17 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry sidelined after bow thruster broke down
Sailings of the "Columbia" were cancelled this week. The vessel remained in Bellingham, Washington, with a broken bow thruster. When the ferry was approaching the dock in Bellingham last week the damage occurred. The vessel was able to dock in Bellingham on Jan 19, 2018, despite losing the propulsion. A team of technicians has been on board since and hoped to finish repairs by the end of the week. If repairs are successful, the "Columbia" would next head north from Bellingham on Jan. 26 with service to Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, Juneau, Haines and Skagway. The "LeConte" remained as the only ferry operating in Southeast Alaska this week. It makes stops in some communities in the northern panhandle.

 Algoma Value  (Vrachtschepen)
17 hours ago by Timsen

Medevac to Bermuda
The "Algoma Value", enroute from Colombia to Nova Scotia, diverted to Bermuda to drop off a crew member after the 33-year-old Indian national suffered an electric shock while using a grinder onboard. The RCC Bermuda received an urgent call from the ship management when the bulk carrier was located 320 nm north of Bermuda, reporting the need for medical evacuation of the man. The ship had already sought medical advice from CIRM Roma [Centro Internazionale Radio Medico], who advised vessel to alter course for Bermuda. Logistics were put in place for patient transfer via the Pilot Boat St George in the early morning of Jan 21, 2018, and onward transit to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. At 8:56 a.m. the injured crew member was successfully transferred ashore via pilot boat, and his ship continued towards its next port of call in Nova Scotia.

 Carnival Triumph  (Passagierschepen)
18 hours ago by Timsen

Search for woman who fell over board
A 44-year-old woman went overboard from the "Carnival Triumph" into the Gulf of Mexico in the night of Jan 21, 2018, just four days after another passenger died after falling from her balcony on the "Carnival Elation". The woman is still missing and rescue efforts for her are still under way. The "Carnival Triumph" was on the second day of a five-day cruise. The ship had sailed from New Orleans when the incident happened. All appropriate authorities have been notified. The Mexican Navy was leading the SAR operation by sea and air. The cruise ship berthed in Cozumel on Jan 23.

 Micoperi Trenta  (Andere schepen)
18 hours ago by Timsen

Crane barge back at Costa Concordia sinking site
On Jan 23, 2018, the Micoperi 30 has returned to the sinking site of the "Costa Concordia" off Giglio to continue the cleaning operations for the redevelopment of the seabed of Punta Gabbianara. The work was interrupted on Dec 1, 2017, for a negotiation between Micoperi and Costa Crociere aimed at a contractual rescheduling. The final goal of the works should not go beyond the end of March. Italian report with photo: www.giglionews.it...

 Rozengracht  (Vrachtschepen)
21 hours ago by Timsen

Cement tanker aground on Wester Scheldt
On Jan 23, 2018, the unloaded "Rozengracht", 669 ts (EU-No.: 02312415), ran aground on the Wester Scheldt at Valkenisse. Passing ship traffic waas not hampered. Rijkswaterstaat deployed the patrol boat "RWS 79" (MMSI: 246587000) to the site, also the "P 41" attended. It was hoped that the vessel would be able to refloat with own power with the high tide around midday. It could be refloated with the rising tide and berthed in Hans Weert at 4.30 p.m., assisted by the "RWS 79". The tanker had sailed from Terneuzen at 9.30 a.m., bound to Maastricht. Dutch report with video: https://www.omroepzeeland...

 Nacc Valbella  (Vrachtschepen)
22 hours ago by Timsen

Pirate attack repelled by armed guards
The "NACC Valbella" was targeted by pirates off Yemen on Jan 21, 2018, at 8.30 p.m. A pirate ship approached the ship 90 nautical miles southeast of the port of Mukallah, located in the southern part of the Aden's Bay. An armed guardian of the SAPU, who was on board fired warning shots towards the pirate ship. There was initially a reaction by firing upon the "NACC Valbella", but eventually the pirates retreated. The crew of the "NACC Valbella" was safe and sound, and the ship apparently has not suffered any material damage.

 Adirondack  (Vrachtschepen)
22 hours ago by Timsen

Bulkcarrier left Bay of Bengal two months after collision
The "Adirondack", which had been in collision with the "BMC Calypso" after the latter dragged anchor at Chittagong Outer Anchorage on Nov 21, 2017, and which was damaged, has discharging its cargo and arrived at Colombo Roads on Jan 20, 2018. aat 11 p.m. and sailed to Beira on Jan 21 at 11.45 a.m., ETA Jan 30.

 Sinan Naiboglu  (Vrachtschepen)
22 hours ago by Timsen

Grounded ship suffered structural damages and water ingress
Underwater inspection teams attended the "Sinan Naiboglu" during the weekend Jan 19-21. Divers conducted a detailed underwater inspection after the weather improved. Various structural damages were noted with slight water ingresses. Tugs attended the scene in order to carry out the refloating operation. All towage attempts failed during the weekend. The vessel remained stationary at the grounding position. The ship had been under arrest at Nemrut Bay anchorage from February 2015, with no crew and watchman on board. She dragged anchor due to prevailed adverse weather condition in the area and subsequently ran aground at Nemrut Bay on Jan 18 at 4 a.m. The incident location declared temporarily restricted zone for all types of marine traffic.

 Sanchi  (Tankers)
22 hours ago by Timsen

ROV found hole of 35 meters in tanker wreck
China's Ministry of Transport has dispatched undersea robots to inspect the "Sanchi". On Jan 23 they found the point of impact caused by the collision. A hole stretching about 35 meters was discovered. Local authorities were still unsure on how to stop the tanker from leaking oil. China's maritime authority has detected several oil slicks in the East China Sea, close to the location where the "Sanchi" sank. The State Oceanic Administration (SOA) found a 5.4 kilometres long, 1.4 kilometres wide oil slick about five kilometres northwest of the tanker's location. Satellite data showed three oil slicks totalling about 332 square kilometres within the monitored area. The largest measured about 328 square kilometres.

 MSC Leanne  (Vrachtschepen)
22 hours ago by Timsen

Repairs of collision damage completed
Repairs to the "MSC Leanne" have been completed at the premise of Samkang S&C Co., Ltd., Goseong, on Jan 17, 2018. The vessel was shifted to the Jangseungpo anchorage on Jan 19 at 4 p.m. to idle for 1 to 2 weeks, awaiting the vessel?s further commercial schedule. The ship had been in collision with the "C.C. Great which was entering Busan on Dec 12, 2017, amd suffered severe damage to port side shell plating, requiring immediate repairs prior to departure. She doeked at Samkang S&C Co, Goseong, on Jan 4.

 Delfa  (Vrachtschepen)
22 hours ago by Timsen

Bulkcarrier underway to Mongla following repairs at Colombo Roads
The "Delfa" which had sustained main engine problems off Colombo on Dec 4, 2017 and was subsequently towed to port after a LOF was signed to Tsavliris Salvage (International) Ltd. , and which had arrived at Colombo Roads on Dec 12, sailed on Jan 20 at 8.30 p.m., next bound to Mongla, ETA Jan 25.

 Saga Pearl II  (Passagierschepen)
22 hours ago by Timsen

Medevac off Arrecife
The "Salvamar Al Nair" medevaced a British passenger, aged 94 years, from the "Saga Pearl II" in the night of Jan 22, 2018. She had suffered heart problems and was transferred to Arrecife upon Lanzarote. Once she was ashore the health services attended the patient.

 Finnpartner  (Passagierschepen)
22 hours ago by Timsen

Medevac off Kühlungsborn
On Jan 23, 2018, a 28-year old Norwegian crew member of the "Finnpartner" complained about strong chest pain and needed immediate medical treatment. At 3.30 a.m. the master informed the MRCC Bremen about the emergency. Due to fog no rescue helicopter could be deployed, instead the lifeboat "Arkona" of the DGzRS station Warnemünde was alerted and headed towards the ferry on its way from Travemünde to Malmö with a medical team on board. The ships rendezoused four miles NW of Kühlungsborn. The medical team and two crew members of the "Arkona" boarded the ferry and stabilized the patient before he was transferred onto the lifeboat which took him to Warnemünde where an ambulance was ready to transport him to hospital.

 Allonsoiohana...  (Vrachtschepen)
23 hours ago by Timsen

Allision on the Danube
On the Danube near Bogen at river 2311,270 the "Allonso", 857 ts (EU-No.: 02319861), jointly with the barge "Iohana" allided with a railway bridge on Jan 22, 2018, around 4 p.m. The ship had just unloaded its cargo in Straubing-Sand and had sailed at 2.30 p.m. destined to Linz. The wheelhouse crashed against the bridge and was destroyed. The damage was around 35.000 Euro. The crew of four was not injured. Damage to the bridge was estimated to be around 1.000 Euro. Train traffic was not hampered. The 53-year old Romanian master managed to drop anchor at the left river shore. He had forgotten to lower the wheelhouse, and the police launched an investigation.

 Santorini  (Vrachtschepen)
23 hours ago by arnekiel

New Time Charter
delivered Fang Cheng Gang January 15, trip via Indonesia, redelivery Taiwan, 10.000 $ daily plus 100.000 $ ballast bonus, Hengda

 Despina V  (Vrachtschepen)
23 hours ago by arnekiel

New Time Charter
delivered Dalian, trip via Commonwealth of Independent States, redelivery South China, 13.500 $ daily, Rainbow Success

 Nissaki  (Vrachtschepen)
23 hours ago by arnekiel

New Time Charter
delivery Tobata January 25 - 26, trip via East Coast Australia, redelivery East Coast India, 10.750 $ daily, KLC

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