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 Sanchi  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
1 min ago by Timsen

ROV to investigate tanker wreck
China was preparing to send a rROV, possibly followed by divers to explore and plug holes in the hull of the "Sanchi". No timeline was given from the deployment. The Shanghai Maritime Search and Rescue Centre said, authorities will send larger salvage vessels to support the operation. Divers might also be able to pump out oil from the fuel tanks before they leak and contaminate the seabed. The "Sanchi" was lying in a depth of 115 meters about 530 kilometers southeast of Shanghai. An oil slick of 58 square kilometers in size from its cargo of natural gas condensate is being monitored for potential environmental damage with cleanup efforts being organized. The cause of the collision remained under investigation.

 Andromeda  (General Cargo Ship > Multi Purpose Carrier)
6 min ago by Timsen

Crew of seized freighter remanded
The eight crew members of the "Andromeda" were remanded in custody on Jan 16. The two Ukrainians, five Indians and one Albanian had appeared before a Piraeus prosecutor on charges of violating maritime safety laws. The crew had planned to deliver the explosives to Libya in contravention of United Nations and European Union embargoes against the country. With the help of the Hellenic Army, the Shipping Ministry was expected to start removing the 410 tons of explosives from the vessel in the port of Iraklio on Jan 16.

 Schub 2407  (General Cargo Ship)
1 hour ago by Timsen

Allision in Hamburg
In the afternoon of Jan 16, 2018, at 4.15 p.m. the "Schub 2407" allided with the Elbe Bridge on the Northern Elbe in the free port of Hamburg after the master misjudged the water level. Trying to pass underneath the bridge with the flood tide, the ship which was underway with unloaded barges, hit the bridge, and the wheelhouse was crushed. The master was slightly injured at the head. The water police launched an investigation, and the bridge was timewise closed for traffic until inspections showed that the building had remained undamaged. The pusher tug was taken to the Peute Port.

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