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 Desh Shakti  (Танкер)
11 hours ago by Timsen

Tanker identified as ship which sank fishing boat
With its preliminary investigation confirming the "Desh Shakti"’s involvement in the hit and run of the fishing boat "Oceanic", the Coastal police have taken the captain and two crew members of the tanker into custody. Captain B.S. Ahluwalia of New Delhi, second officer Nandakishore Gaaru of Rajasthan and seaman Rajkumar of Bihar, who were in command of the ship at the time of collision, will be subjected to a thorough interrogation. Upon examining the location map and navigational records of the ship, the ship’s presence at the spot where the collision took place on August 7 oould be confirmed. The seamen will be brought to Kochi in the night of Aug 14. The investigation team, during an underwater survey at the bottom of the ship, found scratches on its hull, besides paint samples of the sunken fishing vessel. These evidences prima facie established the involvement of the tanker in the accident. Marine Enforcement Wing officials are examining reports of a body being spotted by a fishing boat off the Alappuzha coast on Aug 14.

 George H Ledcor  (Другое)
11 hours ago by Timsen

Tug capsized on Fraser River
The "George H. Legtor" capsized in the Fraser River between Vancouver and Richmond on Aug 13, 2018, around 11 p.m., just east of Vancouver International Airport. There were four crew members aboard the vessel and all were rescued by the crew on the nearby tug "Westview Chinook". The capsized vessel was part of a gravel tug-and-tow operation, but it was not towing a barge at the time. The vessel was about three-quarters submerged and has been secured to pilings. The ship had a maximum capacity of 22 tons diesel. Booms and absorbent pads have been placed around the vessel by the Coast guard and Western Canada Marine Response Corporation, the organization responsible for responding to oil spills along the B.C. coast. The Western Canada Marine Response has been retained by Ledcor, which operates the tug, and about 15 bags of the absorbent pads have already been collected. The pads were put in place when there a light sheen on the water but he it was impossible to tell how much diesel they soaked up There was a crane on site and divers have already been down to see the tug and they have been down again to assess how it may be lifted. Report with photo and video: https://www.ctvnews.ca/ca...

 Aquarius  (Другое)
12 hours ago by Timsen

Rescue ship allowed to dock in Malta
Five EU countries have agreed to take in 141 migrants on board a rescue ship following a row over where they could dock. Malta allowed the MV Aquarius to dock on the island on Tuesday afternoon after France and the European Commission brokered a deal to send the migrants to other EU states. The "Aquarius" got permittance to enter Valletta after France, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain agreed to take the migrants - 67 of whom were under 18 years old.The rescue ship had been left stranded halfway between Malta and Italy as both countries blocked its arrival. The Maltese government said it made a "concession" to allow the vessel to enter its port "despite having no legal obligation to do so" and will serve as a "logistical base". On Aug 13, Italy demanded that the UK took in all 141 migrants because the ship was registered in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. Gibraltar's government said it had notified Aquarius on 6Aug 6 that its Gibraltar registration would be stripped because it was meant to be a "survey vessel" but was being used for search and rescue work. Its registration is due to be officially revoked on Aug 20 when it will revert to Germany, as the underlying owner is German. The EU migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos commended the five countries "for their solidarity and for sharing the responsibility" of sheltering the people, mostly from Eritrea and Somalia.

 Ever Alpha  (Буксир)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Perpetrators unable to enter tug off Malaysia
Several perpetrators in speed boats boarded the "Ever Alpha" which was towing a barge off Tambisan Island, northeast of Sabah, Malaysia, on Aug 10, 2018, at 10 a.m. The tug's crew locked all access into the tug and contacted the local authorities, who dispatched a security vessel. Due to the hardening measures taken by the tug, the perpetrators were unable to enter the accommodation block. They fled the vessel and escaped the area, when they noticed the approaching security vessel. Following the incident, the "Ever Alpha" continued on its scheduled passage. The crew was reported to be safe.

 Manisa Camilla  (Грузовое судно)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Allision in Ceuta
On Aug 14, 2018, around 11.30 a.m. the "Manisa Camilla" allided with the heliport pier while docking at the Alfau wharf in Ceuta with the assistance of two tugs. Concrete of the pier broke out, and the ship suffered a breach in the portside bow above waterline. The vessel had arrived at Ceuta from Sevilla. The accident was caused by an engine failure of one of the tugs so the "Manisa Camilla" got out of control. Spanish reports with photos and video: https://elfarodeceuta.es/un-carguero-holandes-choca-contra-el-helipuerto-de-ceuta/ https://www.ceutaactualid...

 Repulse Bay  (Грузовое судно)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Vessel disabled off Tenerife
On Aug 11, 2018, around 9.30 p.m. the "Repulse Bay" was disabled and adrift near the Canary Islands off Santa Cruz, hortly after leaving Tenerife, bound for Algeciras, ETA Aug 13. On Aug 13 the vessel was towed back to the port with a mechanical failure which needed to be repaired.

 Desh Vaibhav  (Танкер)
14 hours ago by Timsen

Tanker on fire off Oman
The "Desh Vaibhav" caught fire following an explosion on Aug 14, 2018, at 08:45 a.m. 60 miles northeast of Muscat. The lifeboat has been lowered, and rescue operations were underway for four crew members who had jumped into the water. The fire also injured one crew member which was taken to shore aboard a rescue helicopter. Several supporting vessels were assisting the rescue operations, among them the "Arva Spirit", "Jag Lavanya", "Desh Vishal", an unnamed Maersk container vessel, an Omani warship and the Iranian Navy. The tanker was sailing in ballast from Halul Island to Fujairah. IT had previously been chartered by Reliance to ship 270,000 tons of crude from the Persian Gulf on July 27 to Jamagar. The vessel was next to take on board another 270,000 mt cargo of crude from Ras Tanura on August 15 to Kochi for BPCL. While the fire was now out, the hull was still being cooled with water cannons to prevent the fire from flaring up again.

 Urios  (Грузовое судно)
14 hours ago by BerndU

picture from Beaching
picture from Aliaga www.instagram.com...

 Concord M  (Танкер)
14 hours ago by BerndU

Beached at Chittagong 14.08.18

 Mashu  (Грузовое судно)
14 hours ago by BerndU

Beached at Chittagong 14.08.18

 Prime  (Танкер)
14 hours ago by BerndU

Beached at Alang 13.08.18

 Feru  (Танкер)
14 hours ago by BerndU

Beached at Alang 14.08.18

 Vladimir Basmanov  (Другое)
19 hours ago by Timsen

Ship holed in grounding
The "Vladimir Basmanov", en route from Cherepovets to St. Petersburg, while proceeding on the River Svi, with a cargo of 3268 tonnes of metal, touched the bttom at kilometre mark 963 on the Volgo-Balt Canal on Aug 12, 2018, at 10.05 p.m. The vessel experienced a loss of steering and was grounded on the left side of the fairway. It dropped its anchor and came to a halt. Due to the grounding, the vessel was holed in the forepeak and sustained damage to its rudder. The crew plugged the leak and stopped the water ingress. The vessel will require tug assistance to proceed to the nearest port for repairs.

 To-1553  (Другое)
19 hours ago by Timsen

Ship holed in grounding
The "TO 1553" was holed in the engine room at 242 km mark on the River Yana on Aug 7, 2018, at 7 p.m. To avoid flooding due to damage to the hull, the master ran it aground on the left side of the fairway. The tug "Putiyskiy-413" has been sent to assist. The ship had been en route from Ust-Kuge to Nizhneyansk in ballast condition.

 Queen  (Другое)
19 hours ago by Timsen

Queen underway to breakers
The "Queen" which had suffered an engine failure in June 2013 at Izmit, could not be repaired due to expensive repair budget and age of the vessel. The tug "Esenkiyi" was appointed to tow the vessel from Tuzla shipyard area to Aliaga scrap yard. The towage operation commenced in the morning of Aug 13, 2018, upon completion of towage approval formalities. During its Canakkale Strait passage, the Coastal Safety tug will provide escort service for the vessel and Strait traffic safety. ETA at Aliaga scrapyard was in the evening of Aug 14.

 St Elias  (Грузовое судно)
20 hours ago by Timsen

Detained ship to be inspected again
The "St. Elias" which has been banned from sailing and was moored off La Pallice in pos. 46° 4.60' N 001° 14.21' W since July 26, 2018, by the authorities, waiting to be repaired after a technical failures discovered during an inspection, was to be inspected again on Aug 14. The Greek shipowner was cooperating in the efforts to get the ship sailing again. The Polish classification society was on board in order to hand out the necessary certificate after the requested repairs. In early July in Lorient, the inspectors had identified 30 defieincies concerning the engine, generators, navigation devices and moorings. Repair costs amounted to some tenthousands of Euros. The Romanian crew landed in Lorient and received its salary of 65,000 Euros. Ukrainian successors have come aboard since. The ITF (International Seafarers' Union) wanted to board the ship and meet the sailors to learn more about their living conditions. For this, the ITF asked that the ship dock at La Rochelle. A priori, the crew currently has water and food. In La Rochelle the "St. Elias" originally was to load a cargo of grain. The chartering was canceled afterwards because of the great delay. French report with video: 7seizh.info/2018/...

 Stordal  (Пассажирское судно)
20 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry sidelined due to cylinder damage
The "Stordal" suffered technical trouble in the morning of Aug 14, 2018, and had to be taken out of the Seivika-Tømmervåg service. The departure from Seivika at 11.30 a.m. and the departure from Tømmervåg at noon were canceled due to the technical problems. There was a leakage on the one cylinder required for opeing the bow port. Repairs were to be started soon at the quay in Seivika, and it was deemed hardly necessary to cancel more than a round trip on Talgsjøen due to the technical failure.

 Ebba Brahe  (Пассажирское судно)
20 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry out of service for indefinite period
After the weekend's accident, the "Ebba Brahe" will be out of service for an indefinite period. In the evening of Aug 13, the shipping company and the Transport Agency conducted a dive survey which showed that the propeller of the ferry has got more damage than expedted. The "Christina Brahe" was to enter service in the morning of Aug 17 between Gränna and Visingsö. The "Ebba Brahe" will have to be repaired in a drydock.

 Lina  (Спортивная лодка)
21 hours ago by Timsen

Water ingress off Bornholm
In the morning of Aug 14, 2018, the "Lina" suffered water ingress between the Polish coast and Bornholm. A Polish SAR helicopter took off the crew of the ship which had left Wladyslawowo on Au 13 at 8.20 a.m. The abandoned ship drifted towards Danish territory. It had on board three tons diesel fuel. The Danish lifeboat "Leopold Rosenfeldt" of the rescue station Nexø was deployed to the former fishing vessel "Erwin Fischer - SAS 239" and took it in tow to the port. Danish report with photos: www.tv2bornholm.d...

 Lazurite  (Грузовое судно)
21 hours ago by Timsen

Engine trouble off Liepaja
On Aug 13, 2018, the "Lazurite" suffered propulsion trouble in the Baltic Sea off the Latvian coast. The ship was enrout e from Grimsby, where it had sailed on Aug 8. It was taken in tow by the tugs "TAK 7" and "TAK 1" and towed into the port of Liepaja, and was safely berthed at 1.20 p.m. Photo: www.shipspotting....

 Seajet2  (Скоростная лодка)
21 hours ago by Timsen

Engine trouble off Thira
In the early afternoon of Aug 13, 2018, the Port Authority of Thira was informed by the captain of the "Sea Jet 2" that while approaching the port of Thira, operating on its scheduled route from Piraeus to Sifnos, Milos, Folegandros, Thira, Katapola, Koufonissi, Naxos and Mykonos, there was a high temperature measured in one of the main engines at port side. The ship safely berthed in port where it was inspected by officers of the Port of Thera. A high temperature of cooling water was found at the cylinder of the inner main engine. The departure of the ship was initially forbidden, and after the submission of a confirmation of class maintenance by the attending classification society, the ferry left port again with 203 passengers on board at 5 p.m., bound to Folegandros.

 Gozde Bayraktar  (Грузовое судно)
21 hours ago by Timsen

Reparis in Tuzla after engine failure
The "Gozde Bayraktar" suffered an engine failure on Aug 4, 2018, at Poti, Georgia. Subsequently, the Turkish tug "Marintug I" (MMSI: 271010074) was tasked to tow the vessel from the incident scene to the Tuzla Shipyard area. After the vessel has entered the Bosphorus, a Coastal Safety tug provided escort services for the vessel and also ensured strait traffic safety. The ship arrived at Tuzla shipyard on Aug 13 at 1.30 p.m.

 Arama 1  (Другое)
21 hours ago by Timsen

Ship still aground one year after accident
Grounded off Arsuz, Iskenderun Bay, in 36 25 N 35 51 E, 19 As of Aug 14, there was no development in regard of a wreck removal of the "Arama 1", which had run aground on Aug 19, 19, 2017, off Arsuz in the Iskenderun Bay, in pos. 36 25 N 35 51 E. The ship had suffered hull damage and water ingress.

 Angela  (Грузовое судно)
21 hours ago by Timsen

Spare parts provided for further repairs
Further repairs to the "Angela" were still being carried out in the shipyard in Ermoupolis. A new set of spare parts has been provided by the oners. The vessel remained docked at the Neoron Syros Shipyards at Syros as of Aug 14.

 Umiavut  (Грузовое судно)
22 hours ago by Timsen

Grounding on St. Lawrence River
On Aug 12, 2018, the "Umiavut" veered off the fairway after a rudder failure and ran aground on the St. Lawrence River upstream from Trois-Rivieres. The ship was en route from Churchill to Valleyfield. It got stuck outside the fairway in shallow waters in pos. 46° 15.95' N 072° 42.10' W. Tugs were called to refloat the vessel.

 Grand Princess  (Пассажирское судно)
22 hours ago by Timsen

Medevac off Coos Bay
A US Coast Guard aircrew medically evacuated a woman suffering from kidney failure while aboard the "Grand Princess" 50 miles southwest of Coos Bay, on Aug 13, 2018. The Coast Guard Sector North Bend Command Center watchstanders received a request for medical assistance fromthe cruise ship at 10:30 a.m. An MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Coast Guard Sector North Bend medevaced the woman from the cruise ship Grand Princess and safely transported her to the Bay Area Hospital at 12:50 p.m. Report with video: coastguardnews.co...

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