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 Gas Ice  (Gas Tanker > Lpg Tanker)
vor 8 Std von Timsen

On the beach...
...at Aliaga: https://www.instagram.com...

 Troll Solution  (Service Ship)
vor 8 Std von Timsen

Wreck removal completed
The stricken "Troll Solution" has been removed from the Mexican seabed in close proximity to a well head platform, making for the largest wreck removal project completed in 2016. Weighing approximately 7,000 tons, the jack-up, contracted to operate in Pemex's Abkatun-Pol-Chuc shallow water oil field, experienced a debilitating accident while carrying out maintenance work on the wellhead platform CAAN-A in May 2015. The offshore rig was positioning itself to carry out maintenance on wells linked to the Caan Alf platform in the southern Bay of Campeche when it listed, killing two workers. Initial efforts were made to refloat and salvage the jack-up, though the "Troll Solution" collapsed and sank into the seabed in approximately 30 meters water depth, coming to rest within two meters from the active CAAN-A platform. The salvage company Ardent deployed assets from several countries, including the "Conquest MB-1" crane barge and a 1,000-ton hydraulic wreck grab from the Netherlands, as well as further support vessels deployed from the U.S. and Mexico. The operation used Ardent’s newly designed Guided Guillotine to dismember the jack-up, instead of cutting with more conventional methods. The Ardent salvage team cut the deck house into six pieces with Ardent Chain Pullers, and the vessel’s hull into 31 pieces with the Ardent Guided Guillotine and subsequently lifted these from the seabed with the "Conquest MB-1" crane barge. The project to remove that jack-up was completed in November, 2016. Report with photo: www.marinetechnol...

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