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 Iuventa  (Service Ship > Search And Rescue Vessel)
vor 9 Std von Timsen

Rescue ship stays arrested
Italy’s highest court has rejected a request by a German group to release the "Iuventa" which was seized eight months ago by prosecutors investigating allegations that non-governmental organizations colluded with migrant smugglers. The German group, Jugend Rettet, said on Apr 24, 2018, that it was devastated by the Cassation Court’s ruling and will fight for the right to rescue people in danger at sea. Doctors Without Borders said the ruling sends a working signal (that) Europe will continue to criminalize humanitarian organizations conducting search-and-rescue operations … rather than strengthening capacities to save lives at sea. Prosecutors told the court that the "Iuventa" was seized based on three episodes in which crew members had contact with migrant smugglers. The group’s spokesman, Philipp Kulker, said in Berlin that the evidence had been fabricated.

 Ocean Jasper  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 9 Std von Timsen

Ocean Jasper sold forr scrap 11 years after collision
The "Ocean Jasper", the ship responsible for the sinking of the shrimper "Sokalique", was auctioned in the morning of Apr 24, 2018, and sold for 4070 Euros to Briton Recyclers. The value of the "Ocean Jasper" was estimated at 500,000 Euros by the experts just after the collision on August 17, 2007. The auction had been ordered by the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Brest at the request of the ENIM, the social security of the sailors.

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