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 Balmoral  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
6 hours ago by Timsen

Norovirus outbreak in Norfolk
Dozens of people on board the "Balmoral" which docked in Norfolk on Apr 28, 2016, have been sickened by a norovirus. The ship was berthed at the Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center. 153 of 917 passengers on board have become ill, and six out of 518 crew members have reported becoming ill. In response to the outbreak, the ship has increased cleaning and disinfection procedures, begun collecting stool samples from passengers and crew for testing, and sent a public health and sanitation manager from the cruise line corporate office to oversee and assist with implementation of the sanitation and outbreak response procedures. Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officers from the CDC were planning to board the ship when it arrives in Baltimore on April 30 or May 1 to conduct an environmental health assessment and evaluate the outbreak and response. Report with photos and video: www.13newsnow.com...

 MSC Fabiola  (Container Ship)
6 hours ago by Timsen

Engine trouble caused grounding - tugs attend ship after refloating
The "MSC Fabiola" was still blocking traffic at the southern end of the Suez Canal after running aground at canal km 144. Northbound convoys have been suspended on April 28, 2016. The vessel ran into trouble due to an engine blackout en route from Malta to Oman. It was the tenth vessel in the Southbound convoy of 20 vessels, while the rest of Southbound convoy of eight vessels have been detained. The Southbound convoy started at 8 a.m. local time and stopped and waited at Great Bitter Lakes. The ship was refloated on Apr 29 and was to be towed to Suez allowing all Soutbound vessels - the remaining eight from 25) to clear the canal following trials. Actually the tugs "Mosaed 4" (IMO: 9581502) and "Port Said" (IMO: 9305984) were connected to the casualty which was still in its position. Photos: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ChMjkEdWMAAj_B9.jpg:large https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ChPN2XKUgAACgBg.jpg:large https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ChNNJq6WUAE1Qhc.jpg:large

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