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 Summer Dawn Pd97  (Fishing Vessel)
1 day ago by Timsen

Trawler distressed off Norway
In the evening of Apr 21, 2017, the "Summer Dawn" suffered water ingress in the Northsea near the Jotun field in Norwegian waters west auf Haugesund in wave heights of 5-6 meters and stormy NW wind. The JRCC was notified at 6.31 p.m. by the crew of six. At 8 p.m. the patrol boat "Andenes" was deplyoed to the scene, jointly with a helicopter of the 330 squadron in Sola, arriving at the ship at 8.30 p.m. with additional dewatering pumps. At 8.45 p.m. a pump was lowered onto the trawler, and at 8.50 p.m. a boarding team was sent from the "Andenes". At 111 p.m. more pumps were activated. Jointly they got the situation under control around midnight. An SAR helicopter frorm Oseberg which had also been mobilized could be stood down again. The lifeboat "Bergen Kreds" took over the further escort.

 Sevilla Knutsen  (Gas Tanker > Lng Tanker)
1 day ago by Timsen

LNGC tanker severely damaged in grounding accident
Coming from Osaka, the "Sevilla Knutsen" struck a small islet or atoll on Apr 17, 2016, which was not included in the charts, enroute from Japan to Australia. The ship was significantly damaged at the bow and suffered a huge crack from aft to prow which even pierced at some points the double hull, thus suffering water ingress. The skill and professionalism of the crew prevented a more serious situation, and they regained control with the ballast tanks. The ship headed to Guanon Apr 18, where an American Naval Base was currently serving as a defensive enclave. The US military prevented the ship from entering the Naval Base although a helicopter was offered for the evacuation of the crew. Finally with the escort of an American frigate the "Sevilla Knutsen" headed in the direction of the Philippines. Two days later they arrived at their destination.

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