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 Hummingbird  (Pleasure Craft > Sailing Vessel)
3 hours ago by Timsen

Yacht stuck in the mud
The Eastbourne’s all-weather lifeboat went to the assistance of the "Hummingbird" which had run aground early in the morning of Mar 26, 2015, whilst leaving Sovereign Harbour. Shortly after 8 .a.m the lifeboat was requested to launch to assist the yacht which was firmly stuck in the mud in the entrance channel to the marina. Unable to free the vessel without risking damage, the volunteer lifeboat crew deployed anchors both fore and aft to secure the yacht to await the flooding tide. The six people on the casualty vessel opted to stay aboard whilst the lifeboat returned to station to keep watch with the crew remaining at immediate readiness. Later in the morning, when the water level had risen sufficiently, the ALB returned alongside the yacht, recovered the anchors and towed the vessel to deeper water. Having checked to ensure there was no damage the yacht continued on its passage to Ramsgate. Report with photo: rnli.org/NewsCent...

 Stena Britannica  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
3 hours ago by Timsen

Inquest in death of two migrants
Two illegal immigrants died in a desperate bid to get into the UK by jumping off the "Stena Britannica" in February 2014 near the coast of Essex. An inquest found out they misjudged the dangers of doing so. Artur Doda, 24, and Leonard Isufaj, 27, both from Albania, had been caught trying to sneak into the UK and threw themselves into the ice cold water. They tried to swim 500 metres to the shore at Harwich, but Mr Doda was sliced to death by the motion of the ship's propeller and Mr Isufaj drowned after they were both sucked under the water. 21 boats and two helicopters searched for the men who were being taken back to Belgium having been caught trying to sneak into Britain with 13 other people six hours earlier. In the inquest inspector Christopher Willis, from Essex Police, said the sea would have appeared deceptively still, fooling the men into thinking they could swim to shore. Coroner Eleanor McGann told Chelmsford Coroners Court she would not make any specific suggestions following the deaths. The evidence suggested they were intending to swim back to England, something that they could see was tantalisingly close to them. In fact they did not know about the effect of a moving ship on somebody who jumps over the side, and they were sucked underneath. Border Agency official Giles Young said the men were not restrained as they hadn't showed any resistance to being led on board the ferry.

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