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 Green Freezer  (General Cargo Ship > Refrigerated Cargo Ship)
4 hours ago by Timsen

Fuel from grounded vessel drained
A lighter tanker has been called to drain the fuel oil from the "Green Freezer" after the first salvage attempt failed. After improvement of the towing equipment, the "Thor" was due to start another attempt in the run of Sep 20 and tow it to Fá­skrúðsfirði. The crew of 17 remained on board. Icelandic Report with photo: www.mbl.is/fretti...

 Juros Vilkas  (Fishing Vessel)
5 hours ago by Timsen

Russia seized Lithuanian vessel in international waters
Lithuania on Sep 19, 2014, formally protested against Russia because of the arrest of the "Juros Vikas" in Arctic waters. The Russian ambassador in Lithuania has been summoned over the alleged "illegal arrest" of the ship in international waters of the Barents Sea and ist pull to Murmansk. The "Juros Vilkas" has a crew of 28, including three Lithuanians.

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Arrivals and departures

HON JAMES L OBERSTAR Photo United States of America unmoored 2 min ago
SUN JIN NO.3A Photo South Korea unmoored 2 min ago
SANTA RICARDA Photo Liberia moored 3 min ago
ASTRID SCHULTE Photo Malta moored 4 min ago
ASTREA Photo Greece unmoored 4 min ago
MSC ROMANOS Photo Hong Kong moored 4 min ago
ELKA ATHINA Photo Greece moored 4 min ago
YM WEALTH Photo Liberia moored 5 min ago
HANJIN GOTHENBURG Photo Germany moored 6 min ago
The list shows vessels which have just moored or unmoored in one of the ports covered by vesseltracker.com.

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