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 Melderskin  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
2 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry sidelined due to technical problem
After the failure of the auxiliary engine of the "Melderskin" the ferry route Leirvåg-Sløvåg was interrupted on Oct 17, 2014. A service man was called to look at the error. The ferry was sidelined.

 Sten Baltic  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
2 hours ago by Timsen

Tanker disabled off Varlaxudden
The "Sten Baltic" suffered an engine failure and ran around outside Varlaxudden in the afternoon of Oct 23, 2014. SAR Forces in Helsinki were alerted shortly after 1 p.m. that the ship's steering mechanism was not working and it got off the fairway. The tanker had completely the wrong course for the Lars Cut. It was enroute from Sköldvikhamnen to Riga. The vessel could be anchored south of Emäsalo. The MRCC called the Coast guard patrol boats from both Porvoo and Helsinki. The guard vessel "Tursas" monitored the situation and a pilot boat was on scene too. The "Sten Baltic" continued its journey at 1.40 p.m. after the engine had been repaired at least to a large extent. Coast guard boats and a pilot boat escorted the tanker all the way to Kalbådagrunds anchorage, where it was examined further.

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Arrivals and departures

KOTA LAHIR Photo Singapore moored 2 min ago
SC MARA Photo Marshall Islands unmoored 2 min ago
OSAKA EXPRESS Photo Germany moored 2 min ago
RE-GINA Photo Belgium moored 2 min ago
NORTHERN PRIORITY Photo Liberia moored 3 min ago
LIVERPOOL EXPRESS Photo Germany moored 4 min ago
ARTHUR MAERSK Photo Denmark unmoored 4 min ago
HORIZON TRADER Photo United States of America moored 5 min ago
STENA HOLLANDICA Photo Netherlands unmoored 5 min ago
The list shows vessels which have just moored or unmoored in one of the ports covered by vesseltracker.com.

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