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 Frankfurt Am Main  (Other)
2 hours ago by arnekiel

German Naval vessel participating in Operation Sophia saves 599 people on the Mediterranean Sea
Crew members were still eating breakfast in the mess room and the Bundeswehr's naval support vessel Frankfurt am Main was leisurely cruising on the often-treacherous Mediterranean when the call came shortly after 9:30 Thursday morning. Then the ship turned and started picking up speed. The officers were summoned to the bridge. "An abrupt change of course and a briefing," a soldier said, "that means something happened." A little later, a voice came over the PA system: "Here is the first officer with the coordinates." Five boats had been spotted carrying refugees. In addition to Germany's Frankfurt and Karlsruhe ships, the Spanish frigate Numancia and the Italian navy's Aviere were ordered to travel to the area. The boats are part of the EU's Operation Sophia, which enforces Europe's maritime border, one of the bloc's several safeguards against refugees. Around noon, the Frankfurt reached its destination and the preparations began. Control stations were occupied, boarding teams prepared the lifeboats, and the paramedics gathered together. "Remember to have enough fluids and sunscreen," the first officer warned in his announcement. Read further at www.dw.com/en/med...

 Brahma 12  (Tug)
2 hours ago by Timsen

Kidnapped crew released
Abu Sayyaf bandits have freed 10 Indonesian crew members of the "Brahma 12" who were seized on Mar 28 in the first of three attacks on tugboats that have sparked a regional maritime security alarm. The Indonesians appeared to be in good health when they were dropped off in the afternoon of May 1 in front of the house of Sulu province’s governor in the town of Jolo. They were then brought to a Philippine military camp and arrangements were underway to turn them over to Indonesian officials. The "Brahma 12" was underway with the barge "Anand 12", which was carrying 7,000 tons of coal, en route from Puting river in Banjarmasin in Indonesia’s South Kalimantan province to Batangas in the Philippines, when the kidnapping happened. The government was continuing to work for the release of four other Indonesians who were taken hostage by suspected Abu Sayyaf militants in a separate incident in Apri. A rebel commander from the Moro National Liberation Front, which has signed a peace deal with the Philippine government, helped negotiate with the Abu Sayyaf for the release of the 10 Indonesians. The hostages were escorted down from a jungle encampment in Sulu and left outside the home of the governor, Abdusakur Tan II. Report with photo: www.sunstar.com.p...

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