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 Greenports 1  (Other)
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Delivery of LNG barge delayed by gas pressure problems in its propulsion system
Bremerhaven’s innovative new €4.9million LNG driven hopper barge greenports 1 is taking much longer than planned to enter service because of gas pressure problems in its propulsion system. A spokesman for operators bremenports told Maritime Journal the new 70.5m long, 10.5m wide newbuilding was moored as of late October in the port’s Fischereihafen. It is now well over a year since the newbuilding had been expected to join the bremenports workboat fleet as “the first pure LNG driven hopper barge to serve in a German, and probably European port “. The spokesman said “the technical issues (with the ship) concern problems with pressure equalisation. A definite date for entering service has not as yet been set”, he added. The problems have apparently existed since the ship underwent dredging trials in Bremerhaven’s Überseehafen a year ago following its completion at Dutch shipyard SCHN in Foxhol. The ship was returned to Holland where further adaptations to the LNG drive system were made. It was towed back to Bremerhaven early this month but the problems remain, the spokesman said. www.maritimejourn...

 North Sea Producer  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Support Vessel)
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SC in Chittagong bans scrapping toxic ship
The Chittagong Supreme Court has imposed a ban on wrecking or removing parts of a radioactive-waste carrying ship named North Sea Producer. A two-member bench of the High Court division headed by Justice Syed Refaat Ahmed and Justice Md Selim announced the verdict on Monday. Chittagong’s Shitakunda-based ship breaking industry MS Janata Steel Corporation imported the ship for wrecking in August 2016. According to NGO Shipbreaking Platform, a Brussels-based international environmental agency, the ship is likely to be carrying a plenty of toxic wastes and a serious accident may take place during the shipwreck. The breaking of the ship off the coast of our country might pose a severe threat to health and environment. It is internationally recognised that such oil-tankers like North Sea Producer carry NORM (Natural Occurring Radioactive Materials) including asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), ozone-depleting substances (ODS), led, mercury, chromium, zinc and other radioactive substances. Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA) filed a public interest litigation demanding a ban on the import, coasting and wreck of North Sea producer as the Janata Steel Corporation imported the ship violating country’s conventional law and the order of the court.

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