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 CMA CGM T.roosevelt  (Container Ship)
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Panama Canal Welcomes Largest Capacity Container Vessel To-Date Through Expanded Locks
Yesterday,Aug. 22 2017, the Panama Canal welcomed the largest capacity vessel to ever transit the Expanded Locks, the CMA CGM Theodore Roosevelt. The Neopanamax containership, which began its voyage from Asia, will be making stops along the U.S. East Coast. The CMA CGM Theodore Roosevelt has a Total TEU Allowance (TTA) of 14,855 and measures 365.9 meters in length and 48.2 meters in beam. To put the scale of this enormous ship into perspective, its length is roughly the equivalent of laying end to end two Great Pyramids of Giza, four Big Bens, or eight Statues of Liberty. “Today’s transit not only represents the growing success and adoption of the Expanded Canal, but also its impact on reshaping world trade,” said Panama Canal Administrator Jorge L. Quijano. The CMA CGM Theodore Roosevelt is deployed on the new OCEAN Alliance’s weekly South Atlantic Express (SAX) service, which connects Asia and U.S. East Coast ports via the Panama Canal. The SAX service is composed of 11 vessels ranging in size from 11,000 to 14,000 TEUs, including vessels which also transited the Expanded Canal earlier in May becoming the largest capacity ships to do so at time.

 Cheshire  (Bulk Carrier)
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Bulk carrier CHESHIRE under tow to Gran Canaria waters
As of 0500 UTC Aug 23, bulk carrier CHESHIRE was in vicinity 26 51N 017 54W, 54 nm south of southern tip of Hierro Island, under tow of one of four tugs deployed in salvage. Towage is confirmed by several sources, destination waters near Gran Canaria. Officials said, that CHESHIRE has to be taken close to land in order to supply materials, requested for tackling fire (if it’s fire), without interruptions and delays. No official news and statements either from Spanish CG and SAR, or from owner of the vessel, British Bibby Line, or from Resolve Marine Salvage, contracted for salvage. No photos, either.

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