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N 19° 04'   W 104° 18'
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Expected Vessels

Name ETA
OAKLAND EXPRESS Photo Oakland Express   Hong Kong 18.12.2017 21:00 (T-AIS)
CSCL WINTER Photo CSCL Winter   Hong Kong 19.12.2017 01:01 (T-AIS)
RHL AGILITAS Photo Rhl Agilitas   Liberia 19.12.2017 06:00 (T-AIS)
HANSA RONNEBURG Photo Hansa Ronneburg   Liberia 19.12.2017 09:00 (T-AIS)
CARDIFF TRADER Photo Cardiff Trader   Malta 19.12.2017 14:00 (T-AIS)

Moored Vessels

Name since
TMM TEPALCATES Photo Tmm Tepalcates   Mexico 18.12.2017 10:57 (T-AIS)
CMM MAGUEY Photo Cmm Maguey   Mexico 18.12.2017 10:57 (T-AIS)
TMM COLIMA Photo Tmm Colima   Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 18.12.2017 10:41 (T-AIS)
CMM JAROCHO Photo Cmm Jarocho   Mexico 18.12.2017 10:30 (T-AIS)
EVER CONQUEST Photo Ever Conquest   Portugal 18.12.2017 10:21 (T-AIS)

Approaching Vessels

Sailed Vessels

Name since
CSCL WINTER Photo CSCL Winter   Hong Kong 18.12.2017 09:25
PATAGONIAN  MYSTIC Photo Patagonian Mystic   Panama 18.12.2017 09:09
EXPRESS ROME Photo Express Rome   Liberia 18.12.2017 07:33
SANTA URSULA Photo Santa Ursula   Portugal 18.12.2017 06:19
BRIO FAITH Photo Brio Faith   Panama 17.12.2017 23:24

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