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S 32° 54'   E 151° 46'
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Expected Vessels

Name ETA
GLORIOSA LILY Photo Gloriosa Lily   Panama 17.03.2018 20:00 (T-AIS)
PORT STAR Photo Port Star   Panama 17.03.2018 20:30 (T-AIS)
INDUS FORTUNE Photo Indus Fortune   Singapore 18.03.2018 02:00 (T-AIS)
MOLENGRACHT Photo Molengracht   Netherlands 18.03.2018 05:00 (T-AIS)
XIU YU HAI Photo Xiu Yu Hai   Hong Kong 18.03.2018 08:00 (T-AIS)

Moored Vessels

Name since
SICILIAN EXPRESS Photo Sicilian Express   Gibraltar 17.03.2018 16:28 (T-AIS)
DAVID ALLAN Photo David Allan   Australia 17.03.2018 07:30 (T-AIS)
CLAUDE A. DESGAGNES Photo Claude A. Desgagnes   Barbados 17.03.2018 04:40 (T-AIS)
SVITZER HAMILTON Photo Svitzer Hamilton   Australia 17.03.2018 03:26 (T-AIS)
STAR KILIMANJARO Photo Star Kilimanjaro   Norway 17.03.2018 03:06 (T-AIS)

Approaching Vessels

Sailed Vessels

Name since
IGNAZIO Photo Ignazio   Panama 17.03.2018 18:21
TW HAMBURG Photo Tw Hamburg   Liberia 17.03.2018 10:35
CORONA ACE Photo Corona Ace   Panama 17.03.2018 06:43
DAMGRACHT Photo Damgracht   Netherlands 17.03.2018 03:40
ISLAND CHIEF Photo Island Chief   Hong Kong 17.03.2018 02:19

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