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 Varnebank  (General Cargo Ship)
461 days ago by arnekiel

Dutch freighter Varnebank collides with oil tanker Neste in the Bay of Bothnia
The M/V Varnebank, a Dutch freighter, struck the stern of a Neste Oil tanker, the M/T Neste, which was carrying a part cargo of diesel fuel, south of Kemi in the Bay of Bothnia at 18.05 EET on Tuesday, 16 April, the tanker owner said in a press release. Both vessels were following a route indicated by the icebreaker Odin when the M/T Neste became stuck in the ice. It was after this that the M/V Varnebank hit the stern of the tanker. The collision was of a minor nature and did not injure anyone or result in any damage to the environment. Crew of the Urho, another icebreaker, checked both vessels for damage and gave them permission to continue to the next port, where a more detailed examination will be carried out. The authorities will carry out an investigation of the chain of events that led up to the collision.

 Shandong Da Ren  (Bulk Carrier)
461 days ago by arnekiel

Vale China Ban lifted? - Vale Malaysia unloaded in chinese port of Liangyugang
Brazilian iron ore giant Vale had one of its ships dock in an eastern Chinese port, despite reports that the operation may have violated China's maritime regulations. Vale's giant ore ships were banned by Chinese authorities in January 2012 by the Ministry of Transport in a circular which prohibits certain large ships from entering Chinese ports. Vale Malaysia arrived from Subic Bay in the Philippines at the Liangyugang Port in Jiangsu Province on April 14 and left the morning of April 17. The ship unloaded 230,000 tons of cargo in China.

 Carnival Triumph  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
461 days ago by arnekiel

Carnival Corp. to spend abt. $700 millions fleetwide to make ships more reliable
Carnival Cruise Lines will spend more than $300 million dollars to upgrade its ships to prevent a repeat of what happened on the Carnival Triumph. The fleet-wide overhaul at the world's largest cruise operator will include a significant enhancement of emergency power capabilities on all 24 Carnival vessels as well as changes that will add more redundancy to operating systems, the line announced on April 17. Carnival says the improvement plan is a result of an operational review begun immediately after the Feb. 10 fire and overseen by its parent company, Carnival Corp. The parent company also will be making changes to some ships at its other brands, which include Princess, Holland America, Seabourn and Cunard, according to today's announcement. In all, the price tag for improvements company-wide could approach $700 million.

 Oleg Strashnov  (Service Ship > Crane Ship)
461 days ago by Timsen

Oleg Strahnov-crew treated severely injured tugman
A broken wire cut off the leg of a tug crewman whose ship was working at the energy Transmitter "HelWin1" north of Heligoland in the evening of Apr 15, 2013. The remaining crew offered first aid before the injured was transferrred aboard the nearby "Oleg Strashnov" where he was treated in the ship's hospital. The MRCC Bremen requested the start of a helicopter of the German navy who medevaced the man and took him to a Hospital in Wilhelmshaven.

 Kanoura  (Bulk Carrier)
461 days ago by odinfm

Aground in Indonesian waters
Brand new Japanese bulk carrier Kanoura ran aground in Indonesian waters off Sulawesi on Apr 15 13. It is understood, that vessel was en route from Indonesia, Sulawesi, loaded with nickel ore. Last know data around midnight 16 Apr, vessel was in the same position.

 Fv Cayman  (Fishing Vessel)
461 days ago by Timsen

Trawler back in port after loss of crew members
The lost crewmen of the "Neway" have not yet been found. The British Maritime rescue coordination center (MRCC), had sent a helicopter and a lifeboat before being joined by four French trawlers. The search was stopped on Apr 14. In Saint-Brieuc a preliminary investigation in the accident off the Scilly Isles began. According to radio messages, the "Neway" was fishing when the two men fell into the water. When the ship was back in the port of Roscoff on Apr 15, the crew was interviewed by the Coastguard of Brest. Already in 2008, another incident had disturbed the course of "Neway". A Portuguese sailor attacked two of his colleagues with an axe as the ship was about 30 nautical miles north of Ushant, seriously wounding them. He then tried to sink the ship and fled aboard a life raft. Arrested short time later he was unable to explain his actions. Experts had then concluded that he was the victim of a brutal delirious episode. The sailor was treated in a psychiatric hospital.

 Costa Concordia  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
461 days ago by Timsen

37 million Euros demanded as compensation by Italian state - Svenja mounted first caisson
The Italian state on Apr 17, 2013, demanded 37 million Euros in damages for the "Costa Concordia"-shipwreck. The Italian prime minister's office and five ministries asked for the compensation. The premier's office was claiming 10 million Euros for damages to Italy's international image, and the environment ministry was claiming 11.5 million Euros in environmental damages. A preliminary hearings judge has admitted Costa Cruises as a civil plaintiff in criminal proceedings in the shipwreck. Costa, a division of Miami-based Carnival, has accepted limited responsibility for the tragedy and last week a judge fined the company a million Euros in administrative sanctions in a plea bargain. On Apr 16 a 395 tonne flotation device, the first of on the whole 30 caissons, had arrived at Giglio Island which had left Livorno aboard the heavy load carrier "Svenja" on Apr 14. It was placed on the port side of the wreck with a crane of the SAL-ship. 15 of the hollow projections will be positioned on each side of the wreck. On one side, they will be filled with water, and the hull made to rotate with the aid of steel tie rods. Once the ship is aligned, the filled sponsons will be emptied to enable it to float and be towed away. The sponsons vary in dimension, with the three largest weighing 500 tons and measuring 30 metres in length, 11 meters in height and 11 metres in depth. Four sponsons are ready and awaiting deployment from Livorno, while the rest are still in the process of being prepared. The latest phase of the operation has seen five huge metal platforms lowered to the sea bed to cradle the ship once rolled upright. Prior to this, the salvage team created a false sea bed from bags containing special cement to strengthen the sea floor below the support platforms. The rollover operation itself is expected to take at least two days, as it must be done painstakingly slowly to prevent further damage to the weakened hull. The vessel still contains tonnes of rotting food, furniture, bedding and passengers' belongings, and Franco Porcellacchia told the BBC that the risk of environmental contamination was a big concern. Dutch reports with photos:

 Kai Xin  (Fishing Vessel > Fish Factory Ship)
461 days ago by Timsen

97 crewmembers rescued from burning fish factory
The "Kai Xin" caught fire on Apr 17, 2013, at 8.30 a.m. LT in the Bransfield St. The 97 crew members have been rescued in good health from the burning factory fishing ship by the crew of the Norwegian f/v "Juvel" (IMO: 9256664) in the morning hours about 34 miles from Chile's Bernardo O'Higgins research base near the tip of the Antarctic peninsula. A Mayday call was received by the factory ship "Betanzos" of the PescaChile Company and later by the Servicio de Búsqueda and Salvamento Marítimo Maritime Chile. On request of the owners of the stricken ship, the Chilean Navy sent the tug "Lautaro" with personnel and equipment to avert a possible fuel spill. Spanish report with photo: www.elimparcial.c...

 Carnival Triumph  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
461 days ago by Timsen

Carnival to improve redundancy systems
When the "Carnival Triumph" returns to service, it will be fitted out with a second emergency diesel generator as a safeguard to avoid the lack of routine guest services that plagued the ship during its previous, infamous sailing. For more than $300 million all Carnival ships will be improved to avoid mishaps like missing ample emergency hotel services and redundancies which occurred during its Feb 7 sailing of the "Carnival Triumph", and that in the future a planned second generator would provide increased capacity for elevators, toilets, hot meals and communications. Carnival also plans to increase the redundancy of its engine rooms, and to enhance fire prevention and detection equipment fleetwide. The U.S. Coast Guard found that a leak in a fuel oil return line caused the engine room fire that disabled the the "Carnival Triumph"’s power and propulsion capabilities, taking away any semblance of routine guest services onboard the ship.

 Shelduck  (Bulk Carrier)
461 days ago by Timsen

German crewmember medevaced off San Diego
A San Diego-based aircrew medically evacuated a 46-year-old crewman from the "As Elysia" 300 miles from San Diego on Apr 16, 2013. The crew of the vessel contacted the Coast Guard around 5:30 a.m., reporting a German crewman was suffering from severe abdominal pain and needed medical attention. An MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from U.S. Coast Guard Sector San Diego launched to conduct the medevac. The crew flew from San Diego to San Clemente Island, where they refueled before continuing out to meet the 590-foot ship. An Air Station Sacramento HC-130 Hercules aircraft was also launched to provide communication and coordination support during the medevac. The helicopter crew arrived on scene around 2 p.m., hoisted the crewman into the aircraft and transported him to Sector San Diego where he was transferred to emergency medical personnel for further treatment. The weather on scene during the hoist was 10-foot seas with 27-knot winds. Report with photos and video:

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