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 Algonova  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
454 days ago by Timsen

Fire in Honguedo Strait
A fire occurred on the "AlgoNova" on Jan 19, 2014, at 9 a.m. 83km north of Gaspe. The chemical tanker had sailed from Halifax on Jan 17. A Cormorant Helicopter and a Hercules aircraft from 14 Wing Greenwood were sent to the area where the "Algonova" reported the fire in the Honguedo Strait. A Coast Guard ship and commercial vessel also pulled alongside. The crew extinguished the fire and no one was hurt.

 Leda Trader  (Container Ship)
454 days ago by arnekiel

Container Ship Catches Fire off Miami
A cargo ship reported a fire in one of its holds late Saturday and docked at Dodge Island, US on Sunday, Jan 19. According to local press, the fire started in the hull of the cargo ship near flammable materials that could have caused a major explosion. Crews of firefighters and members of the US Coast Guard have since off-loaded dozens of cargo containers from the 33,000 gross ton Leda Trader, a Liberian flagged vessel that operates out of Port Everglades. Divers will now examine the hull to assess the damage. A source monitoring the incident told CBS4 that the ship’s 16-member crew reported the fire suppression equipment was activated and they had sealed off the cargo hold but heat sensors suggested the fire was still active. There are no reports of injuries. More at www.maritime-exec...

 MV Albaraka 3  (Specialized Cargo Ship > Livestock Carrier)
454 days ago by Timsen

Marzooqah was not hijacked but arrested
The "Marzooqah" wasn’t hijacked by Somalia pirates in Red Sea, instead the vessel was boarded by Eritrean forces under unknown circumstances in the Red Sea while the vessel that was in their territorial waters. The crew initially reported as a pirate attack. It was not immediately clear why the forces boarded the ship and why it was not possible to contact authorities in Eritrea. Lieutenant Commander Jacqueline Sherriff, spokeswoman for the European Union Naval Force Somalia (EU NAVFOR) said the vessel was thought by them now to in the hands of the Eritrean forces. The reason for the vessel's arrest was not yet clear.

 Tango Sea  (Bulk Carrier)
454 days ago by arnekiel

Worker lucky to be alive after being buried in an avalanche of coal in ship's hold
A DOCK worker is lucky to be alive after being buried up to his neck by an avalanche of coal in a ship's hold. Emergency services battled for more than an hour to haul Ian Jennings, 58, of Grimsby, to safety after his brother Kenny raised the alarm. The 67-year-old, working in the same hold as his brother, on Immingham Docks, pictured, scooped coal away with his hands to reach him. A number of other ships' crew scrambled to free the trapped stevedore. The rescue drama happened at about 9.30pm on Saturday as the team worked to clear build-ups of coal from the sides and floor of the hold, which is thought to be about 90ft deep. The cargo of the 51,000 tonne MV Tango Sea was being unloaded when a quantity of coal built up one the side of the hold slipped, crushing Mr Jennings. Read more: www.grimsbytelegr...

 Corona  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
454 days ago by Timsen

Fire extinguished after 19 days
The authorities in Japan and South Korea have been asked to find a safe port for the "Maritime Maisie" which was ravaged by fire after a collision with the newly built carcarrier "Gravity Highway" near Busan on Dec 29, 2013. Although the fire has been extinguished, the tanker had yet to find a place of refuge for the safe transfer of the remaining cargo and bunkers. Firefighting efforts had hampered by difficult weather conditions with waves up to three meters high, with the result that the salvage company could not perform fire fighting effectively and had to stop from time to time as it was too dangerous. The fire onboard vessel was extinguished only on Jan 16 after 19 days. During the rescue and fire extinguishing operation, the ship has been in both Korean and Japanese waters. The Korean Coast Guard evacuated all 27 crew members and fought the fire while the ship was in Korean waters. Weather and current conditions later took the ship to Japanese waters. The tanker, however, was still in trouble being exposed to changing weather conditions with heavy seas. The ship had been carrying about 29,000 tons of chemicals, which included paraxylene, styrene and acrylonitrile at the time of the collision.

 Leg0naydenov  (Fishing Vessel)
454 days ago by arnekiel

Oleg Naydyonov vessel could be go back to sea on Monday - says ship owner
The company and owner of the Russian Oleg Naydyonov trawler detained in Senegal expects that all issues with the release of the boat will be resolved on Monday, director of the Murmansk company Phoenix, which owns the Oleg Naydyonov, Yury Parshev said. "Meetings were held during the weekend and it has been accorded that Monday is the day when the vessel should go to sea," Parshev said. Thus, the detention of the Oleg Naydyonov trawler detained in early January will amount to 17 days. It concerns posting bail with an appeal in court to follow, not paying a fine, Parshev said. The Oleg Naydyonov trawler was detained by Senegalese servicemen on January 3 in the Atlantic Ocean, 46 miles off the shore of Guinea-Bissau. The crew of the ship is comprised of 62 Russian citizens and 23 natives of Guinea-Bissau. Their detention was carried out without an explanation of the reasons behind it and the vessel was escorted to the military port of Dakar. Read more:

 Kiroan Pd23  (Fishing Vessel)
454 days ago by Timsen

Rescue operation for Rachel Jayne III after Kiroan relayed mayday call
On Jan 19, 2014, just just before 5 p.m. the "Kiroan - PD 23" contacted the Humber Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre to say that they had heard the fishing vessel "Rachael Jayne IV", a well-known Maryport registered prawn fishing boat with an experienced crew, make a Mayday broadcast. The "Rachael Jayne IV" said that she was taking on water and sinking 26 miles East North East of the Tynemouth Piers. The crew were also reported to be abandoning the vessel to their liferaft. The Humber Coastguard immediately sent the RAF rescue helicopter based at RAF Boulmer and the RNLI lifeboat based at Tynemouth to the scene. They also broadcast a Mayday alert message to vessels in the area requesting them to head for the scene. A large number of fishing vessels and commercial ships responded and headed towards the "Rachael Jayne III". The four crew were winched from the liferaft to the helicopter and taken to the Wansbeck Hospital where they were met by the Newbiggin Coastguard Rescue Team and are receiving medical attention. The "Rachel Jayne IV" was listing badly to starboard when the crew took to the liferaft. The trawler - owned by Ryan Whitehead, of Maryport, who was on the boat with his son and two others from the North East - could not be saved. The RNLI lifeboat crew recovered the liferaft and considered the possibility of putting a pump onto the vessel, but were unable to do so and were forced to watch her sink about 30 minutes later. Report with video: www.newsandstar.c...

 Poavosa Wisdom  (Bulk Carrier)
454 days ago by Timsen

Port evacuated after hazmat alarm - five crewmen sent to hospital
After its arrival from Portland at Port Taranaki in New Plymouth (AU), in the morning Jan 20, 2014, smoke emerged from the cargo hold of the "Poavosa Wisdom". Firefighters were calledat 1 p.m., but have been evacuated from the scene after hazardous chemicals were found in the afternoon. Smoke could be seen coming from the bow of the ship which awas carrying a load of wheat. After 209 litres of an unidentified hazardous chemical were found, all emergency personnel have been withdrawn from the port. The chemicals leaked and turned into hazardous gas aluminium phosphide. Technical liasion officers with level three suits were called to the ship to determine what the chemical was. Firefighters had earlier been lowered into the hold of the ship to extinguish the blaze. The fire had reached a third alarm level and there were eight fire trucks at the scene and 30-40 fire staff were attending along with firefighters from Waitara and Inglewood and a team from the Hazardous Materials Unit. It was yet unclear whether the smoke was toxic but precautions were being taken. The crew of 21 was also evacuated from the ship which was berthed at the Moturoa wharf. Five of them have been taken to Taranaki Base Hospital for observation. Fire crews at the scene have donned level 4 gas suits to work on stopping the leak which is the highest risk level, and firefighters with equipment to assist breathing have been lowered into the ship's hull. A change of wind direction to onshore a northeasterly meant fire engines on the wharf had to be moved. The area was being evacuated, with boat crew, port workers and residents all told to leave after an alert was received just after 1 p.m.Earlier the gas was heading out to sea. Another ship on the other side of the wharf was put to sea about 4.10 p.m. The road to the port was closed 500 metres away. At 6.25 p.m. port operation recommenced. Reports with photos and videos: rnzngunners.wordp... www.shipspotting.... www.shipspotting.... www.shipspotting....

 MV Costa Atlantica  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
454 days ago by Timsen

Costa victim of extortion attempt after Romanian woman posed with gun on bridge
Almost two years to the day since Francesco Schettino invited a Moldovan dancer up to the bridge of the "Costa Concordia" before it ran aground, a captain of the "Costa Atlantica" has been reprimanded for allowing a Romanian woman to pose with a machine gun on the bridge of his ship. The "Costa Atlantica" was sailing through the Gulf of Aden in Jan 2013 with an armed escort to ward off potential attack by Somali pirates when he invited Sasha Alexandra onto the bridge. Smiling and wearing a tight cocktail dress, she posed for photographs while holding a semi-automatic machine gun which had apparently been handed to her by one of two Italian marines who accompanied the cruise ship as it sailed through pirate-infested waters. She was flanked on one side by the marine, in his camouflage fatigues, and on the other by the captain in his white uniform. The case became public just two days after the second anniversary of the "Costa Concordia" capsizing off Giglio. To make matters worse, the company was blackmailed by someone who got hold of the photographs and demanded a large sum of money in return for not selling them to the press. Costa Cruises reported the extortion attempt to the authorities and an investigation was being carried out by the Italian postal police. The alleged extortion is also being investigated by prosecutors in Genoa. The company has collaborated fully in helping the postal police identify the responsible person(s). The captain, who has not been named, has been accused of inappropriate conduct and of violating the rules on who is permitted to access the bridge. He has been disciplined accordingly. The marine, who joined the ship as it sailed past the Horn of Africa, was also likely to be punished by the Italian navy said in a statement. Inviting the woman up onto the bridge was in direct contravention of new rules established by Costa in October 2012, which were meant to prevent "disruptions and distractions to the bridge team members while monitoring the navigation of the ship.

 Citadel  (General Cargo Ship)
455 days ago by Timsen

Cargo ship refloated
The "Citadel" was refloated at Trebujena on Jan 19 and docked at Sevilla at 10 a.m. assisted by three tugs, and has approached the port of Sevilla. Since Jan 15 several ships dredged away sludge and sediments surrounding the vessel. Engineers determined the high tide at 4 a.m. to be the ideal time to complete the salvage operation which was carried out by Svitzer Salvage. Spanish report with video: www.lavozdigital.... Photos: www.shipspotting.... www.shipspotting.... www.shipspotting....

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