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 Broedertrouw  (Passenger Ship)
430 days ago by Timsen

Mizzen mast broke
In the foremidday of May 14, 2016, the mizzen mast of the "Broedertrouw" broke in blustery weather on the Ijssel Sea. The skipper alerted the KNRM station Enkhuizen which attended the charter ship. It was found out that there were no injuries and the situation was under control, so that no further support by the KNRM boat was needed. The "Broedertrouw" had suffered some damage on deck. She entered the port of Oudeschild on May 15 and returned to Enkhuizen on May 17 at 2.30 p.m. where she berthed at the Gependam, sailing with the remaining foremast. Photos:

 Cool Expreso  (General Cargo Ship > Refrigerated Cargo Ship)
430 days ago by Timsen

Fatal accident on sea investigated
The Dutch Safety Board has issued a report investigating a fatal accident onboard the "Cool Expreso" which occurred on Aug 7, 2014, during a transfer of pallets containing frozen fish packages from the fishing vessel "Annelies Ilena" at sea. At the end of the shift, the final pallet was labelled by an "Annelies Ilena" crew member on board of the "Cool Expreso". The pallet shifted and trapped the crew member between the railing and the pallet, fatally wounding the crew member. Following this incident, the Dutch Safety Board launched an investigation. Following the investigation, the Board considered it likely that the deceased crew member became trapped between the platform containing pallets and railing when the pallet was hoisted while the crew member was still attaching labels. The standard practice was to attach the pallets to crane only after labeling had finished. During the incident, to get themselves ready for return to their own vessel, the platform containing pallets was attached before labeling was finished. The crane driver could not see the victim from his position. Had someone given hand signals to the crane driver, this problem would have been solved. None of the crane drivers both on the "Annelies Ilena" and on the "Cool Expreso" had much experience with crane activities as carried out on board the reefer ship. Although transfer at sea was considered a high-risk operation by the fishing vessel's crew, no safety meeting took place, which meant that possible risks were not identified. Even when one of the ships as no SMS, a safety meeting should take place and a more active role is expected from the crew used to working with an SMS. The safety measures that were present, as described in the "Cool Expreso" SMS, were therefore not discussed or applied. The SMS prescribed that crane operations should be supported by someone who gives hand signals to the crane driver. Lessons learned from the incident In spite of the fact that the "Annelies Ilena"-crew considered the transfer at sea, which involves crane activities , as being a high-risk operation, no safety meeting was held. Crane activitiew can be performed more safely by identifying risks and applying present safety measures during implementation of these activities, Full report: www.onderzoeksraa...

 Volcan De Teno  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
431 days ago by Timsen

Thruster failure in Heraklion
The "Highspeed 6" suffered a thruster failure in the evening of May 16, 2016, while docking in Heraklion. The vessel was detained for surveys.

 Pomerenia Sky  (Container Ship)
431 days ago by Swiss63

12 months charter extension, CMA CGM, Med Gulf Ecuador Service

 Portugal  (Container Ship)
431 days ago by BerndU

arrived Chittagong anchorage
arrived Chittagong anchorage 17.05.16

 Thor Wave  (Bulk Carrier)
431 days ago by BerndU

arrived Chittagong anchorage
arrived Chittagong anchorage 16.05.16

 Hanhai  (Bulk Carrier)
431 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Breakers

 Le Roisin  (Service Ship > Patrol Vessel)
431 days ago by Timsen

Patrol boat rescued 125 refugees
The "LÉ Róisín" has rescued 125 refugees off the coast of Libya. It was the first successful mission the crew has undertaken since being deployed at the start of May: 107 men and 18 women were rescued from an inflatable craft, around 40 nautical miles north-east of Tripoli. In the evening of May 16, 240 additional people also boarded the "LÉ Róisín". The ship assisted the Italian Naval Vessel ITS "Commandante Borsini" with the refugees & migrants transferring to the "LE Róisín" which then headed to Sicily with 365 people on board.

 Star Princess  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
431 days ago by Timsen

Cruise ship hit by gastro bug
The "Star Princess" was hit by a gastro bug on the 15-day cruise to Hawaii from Vancouver. The gastro bug was not reported by the Centers for Disease Control which means less than 3% of passengers became sick during the voyage. The virus began spreading on the fourth day of the cruise. Health officials boarded the ship when it docked in Hilo on May 5, 2016, and the ship’s crew activated procedures where extra cleaning and sanitizing was done.

 Lily Star  (Container Ship)
431 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Breakers 290 USD/TO as is Colombo

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