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 Np Lovegistics 2  (Container Ship)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Fishing boats to retrieve lost containers
The operator of the "NP Love Gistic 2" could not find a cranebarge to pull the lost containers out of the sea, hence fishing boats would be used to tow them instead. But the operation would have to be wait until July 16 when the rough seas caused by strong monsoon were expected to return to normal. The "NP Love Gistic 2" had left the Na Klua Pier in Trang’s Kantang district to deliver processed rubber wood to Malaysia when the cargo loss occurre between Koh Lao Liang and Koh Takian in Trang’s Paliang district, when its rudder system malfunctioned causing it to go adrift. The ship tilted when it was hit by large waves, toppling the 16 containers into the sea. Seven containers were later found washed ashore on Koh Sukorn in Paliang, while another container ruptured and sank. The others were still floating in the seas. Officials had marked the location of the sunk container with buoys to retrieve it later. Fishing boats would be used to tow the containers to the nearest piers for the cargo ship to pick them up later. The entire operation would be completed no later than July 26.

 Vindilis  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Allision in Le Palais
On July 13, 2018, the "Vindilis" struck the wharf when arriving at Le Palais, coming from Lorient. One passenger was injured. Divers were quickly sent for an inspection on the hull to estimate the extent of the damage. Apparently a small leakagewas spotted. The ship departed towards Port Maria at Quiberon where a further inspection was underway.

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