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 Anne  (Container Ship)
33 min ago by Timsen

Freighter repaired and renamed
The former "Tinghir" has left the port of Tuzla after repairs on July 17 at 1.30 p.m., now having been renamed "Anne". The ship headed to Istanbul, arriving there on July 17 at 9 p.m. On July 17 she was receiving bunkers by the tanker "Kalamis E" (IMO: 9734965) on the ports roads.

 Ssl Kolkata  (General Cargo Ship)
3 hours ago by Timsen

Anti pollution work continued
The salvage operations at the "SSL Kolkata" were continuing in rough weather conditions with 2- 4 metre swells. There was no apparent damage caused to the environment as of now except a minor oil leakage from vessel which was being attended to with means of oil spill combating gear. SMIT International salvage has been on site since the beginning of the incident. Vessels, tugs, crane barges and oil spill response equipment have been mobilized and deployed for salvage and oil recovery operations. The International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF), a leading marine ship pollution response advisor have also been appointed as specialists for advising and coordinating with local authorities. A team from Oil Spill Response Ltd. (OSRL), the world’s largest industry funded agency for oil spill recovery was on site to initiate preventive measures in the event of oil pollution. Shallow draft barges have been specially sourced from Singapore and UAE and were expected to arrive on site shortly. The two vessels will facilitate bunker oil and cargo removal operations. A team from Le Floch Depollution, a specialised clean up contactor with expertise in mangroves is also on site near the Sunderbans. A helicopter dispersant system is also being tested by the Indian Air Force team. Despite the adverse weather conditions, a dive team from SMIT is scheduled to attempt an underwater inspection of the Vessel to assess the hull condition.

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