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Côte d'Ivoire
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N 05° 16' W 004° 02'

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20.04. 10:00
Cargo Ship
20.04. 12:00
Cargo Ship
20.04. 18:00
Cargo Ship
21.04. 03:00
21.04. 08:00
Cargo Ship
21.04. 16:00
Cargo Ship
21.04. 19:00
Cargo Ship
23.04. 04:00
Cargo Ship
23.04. 12:00
Cargo Ship
23.04. 14:00

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Latest news

Maersk Connected to Bolloré Abidjan Terminal Project

Wed Mar 28 16:33:19 CEST 2018 arnekiel

Maersk has been linked to a new container terminal project at Ivory Coast’s Port of Abidjan worth almost US$ 500 million, according to a Reuters report. Philippe Labonne, Deputy CEO of Bollore Transport and Logistics, Bolloré, told Reuters that the French transportation company aims to invest with the Danish business conglomerate from next year to build the port's second container terminal, which could be operational by June 2020. Maersk is the parent company of APM Terminals, its terminal operator branch, and Maersk Line, the world's largest container shipping line.

Ivory Coast begins construction of Abidjan port upgrades

Fri Oct 09 09:17:22 CEST 2015 arnekiel

Ivory Coast began construction of a four-year, 560 billion CFA franc ($962 million) project to build a second container terminal and widen the canal leading to its main port in the commercial capital Abidjan.

Hapag-Lloyd improves service between West Africa and Northern Europe

Mon Jul 20 09:53:40 CEST 2015 arnekiel

Effective August 10, Hapag-Lloyd will offer its customers a significantly improved service between West Africa and Northern Europe. The new West Africa Express service (WAX) provides highly competitive transit times to and from key markets – for instance 13 days from Antwerp to Dakar, and from Abidjan to Antwerp in only 11 days. The improved service will be the only direct full container service from Hamburg and neighboring countries to West Africa. Furthermore, Hapag-Lloyd will offer this service as a standalone solution with high reliability and multiple connections to its comprehensive global service network at major transshipment ports. The future port rotation will be Antwerp – Hamburg – Algeciras – Dakar – Tema – Abidjan – Antwerp. “Within the last years we have seen continuous growth from and to West Africa due to rising investments, growing import and export volumes as well as an increased demand for selected products from West Africa. We are absolutely confident that, with the new service, Hapag-Lloyd offers its customers an excellent and competitive product from and to this emerging market”, says Michael Pradel, Managing Director Region Europe of Hapag-Lloyd. The first sailing of the new service is Antwerp on August 10 followed by Hamburg on August 12. Source: Hapag-Lloyd

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