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28.06. 21:00
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03.07. 14:30
Cargo Ship
07.07. 14:30
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29.07. 02:30

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Latest news

European Commissions audits Shree Ram Group recycling yard

Wed Nov 07 10:27:54 CET 2018 arnekiel

Shree Ram Group said Thursday the European Commission has audited its recycling yard at Alang in Gujarat for the inclusion in the EU list of approved ports. The facility is among the first Indian yards audited by the European Commission and its inclusion in the EU list could help accelerate the transformation underway in the ship recycling industry in India, the company said in a statement. The European Commission (EC) visited Alang to assess two of the 11 Indian yards which have applied to be included in the EU list of yards where EU-flagged vessels can be dismantled.

Tanker Recycling on Record-Breaking Year

Mon Jun 18 09:38:47 CEST 2018 arnekiel

The decommissioning of a significant part of the tanker fleet is about to alleviate the current oversupply issues, as evidenced by the record-breaking pace of demolition activity this year. In its latest weekly report, Clarkson Platou Hellas commented that “with the end of an eventful week in Athens for the bi-annual Posidonia, Owners, Cash Buyers and other industry players were able to come together and discuss what has been an active first half of the year in the recycling market. With the main topic of discussion still being tanker units, it currently looks to be a record year for tanker recycling and many questions and discussions were being raised for this sector which should ensure the supply for these types of units to continue and interestingly, the topic of ‘green recycling’ was evident.

Indian authority shuts NGOs out from Alang yards

Fri Oct 27 13:23:40 CEST 2017 arnekiel

The NGO Shipbreaking Platform expresses dismay over the continued failure of the Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) to be transparent and to grant civil society access to see the working and environmental conditions at the shipbreaking yards in Alang. For the past two months, the GMB has turned a cold shoulder to repeated requests by the Platform, via the Indian member organisation Toxics Link, to visit the shipbreaking yards on the tidal beach of Alang, where toxic vessels are broken without containment or stable platforms that other recycling methods provide. By refusing to reply to the requests to visit the yards, the GMB has opted to keep the negative environmental and labour impacts of the operations at Alang out of sight.

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