Brunswick GA

General information

Brunswick GA
United States of America
Local time:
Moored Vessels:
Expected Vessels:
N 31° 08' W 081° 25'

Moored Vessels

Sailing Vessel
30.09. 00:31
Sailing Vessel
18.07. 23:09
Sailing Vessel
01.08. 14:47
Pleasure Craft
17.07. 23:02
Sailing Vessel
20.07. 21:25
Pleasure Craft
03.08. 20:21
01.08. 22:54
Pleasure Craft
28.07. 19:24
03.08. 22:06
Pleasure Craft
15.07. 00:10

Expected Vessels

Cargo Ship
04.08. 09:30
Cargo Ship
06.08. 03:30
Cargo Ship
07.08. 04:30

Sailed Vessels


Latest news

Brunswick port reopens after car carrier accident

Mon Sep 16 10:08:54 CEST 2019 arnekiel

The American port of Brunswick has reopened on a “case by case” basis after Sunday’s capsizing of a car carrier in a nearby channel. The Golden Ray overturned with 24 crew members inside sparking a dramatic, successful rescue mission over the weekend. Authorities are still assessing how to remove the vessel, which is stuck on St Simons Sound. A half-mile perimeter has been established around the Golden Ray, which sits half in the water with its starboard side pointing skyward. An oil boom has been placed around the ship. Salvage teams are likely to start taking the bunker fuel from the ship this weekend.

Georgia Ports Authority commits to $152m investment in port of Brunswick

Sun Oct 25 10:27:42 CET 2015 arnekiel

Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) has announced a 10-year $152m investment plan for the port of Brunswick, a multi-terminal facility in the state’s southeast, according to multiple sources. The investment follows $46.2 in infrastructure improvements already made over the previous 10 years by the GPA, which is the administrative agency overseeing two deepwater seaports (Brunswick and Savannah) and two inland ports (Port Bainbridge and Port Columbus) in the southeastern US state.

Huge fire destroys warehouses

Mon Jul 13 09:16:46 CEST 2015 arnekiel

Fire destroyed two huge warehouses loaded with wood fuel pellets Saturday afternoon, but firefighters halted it before it reached a third, officials said. The fire at the Marine Ports Terminal on Brunswick’s south end started about 1 p.m. and both warehouses appeared to have collapsed exposing the enormous piles of wood pellets in each that smoldered as firefighters poured water onto them from above. Brunswick Fire Marshal Rhett Fairfield said someone called 911 about the fire just after 1 p.m. and that city firefighters found smoke coming from the southernmost warehouse. Within 15 minutes it was engulfed in flames and the fire quickly spread to a second, he said. “When we showed up we immediately began calling for mutual aid,’’ he said. Fairfield said Glynn County firefighters were on the scene quickly and by 4 p.m. at least seven departments with a combined 40 to 50 firefighters were battling what had become a smoldering fire with pockets of open flame.

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