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N 39° 51' E 124° 09'

Moored Vessels

Cargo Ship
26.03. 17:58
Cargo Ship
27.03. 11:06
Cargo Ship
27.03. 16:03
27.03. 05:39
Cargo Ship
27.03. 07:51
Cargo Ship
27.03. 06:09
27.03. 02:46
Cargo Ship
27.03. 08:06
25.03. 09:25
Fishing Vessel
27.03. 16:27

Expected Vessels

Cargo Ship
28.03. 03:00
Cargo Ship
01.04. 02:30
Passenger Ship
10.06. 23:40

Sailed Vessels

Cargo Ship
27.03. 17:44

Latest news

China's northern-most port rises

Mon Dec 30 09:47:25 CET 2013 arnekiel

The national drive to develop sea transportation has made China's northern-most sea port of Dandong a new hub in the booming northeastern region. The port, located in Dandong, Liaoning Province at the northern extremity of China's coastline, is expected to reach a total cargo turnover of 120 million tonnes this year, exceeding the benchmark of 100 million tonnes for the first time. The volume in 2012 was 96 million tonnes. "Our dream of establishing a giant modern international port is being realized," said Zhang Hongjiang, vice president of the Dandong Port Group. Over the past three years, the group has poured more than 10 billion yuan (1.64 billion U.S. dollars) annually into developing new berths, new sea routes and and other functional facilities, according to Zhang. The group is currently building a dock for 300,000-tonne vessels to be loaded with ore. By 2015, the port plans to have a cargo handling capacity of 400 million tonnes, with 60 deep-water berths to be built.

Giant iron ore berth set to open in Dandong in December 2013

Fri Nov 22 09:29:37 CET 2013 arnekiel

A giant 300,000 dwt class iron ore berth is set to open at Dandong Port before the end of the year. The Lioning outpost on the border with North Korea is positioning the dedicated iron ore berth as a facility to cut costs for steel mills with businesses in the northeast provinces. With more than 30 berths Dandong has emerged rapidly in the past three years. On November 8 it celebrated passing the 100m ton mark for the first time in a calendar year. Source : SinoShip News

China to expand Dandong port with investion of $7.1 billion

Tue Oct 25 19:58:16 CEST 2011 arnekiel

China will invest 45 billion yuan ($7.1 billion) over the next five years to expand Dandong port, a key trade link to isolated North Korea, state news agency Xinhua reported on Tuesday, Reuters reports. Dandong, which lies on the North Korean border, will be able to handle more than 100 million tonnes of freight annually once the expansion is complete, compared with 60 million tonnes at present, the report said, citing a government statement. The Dadong expansion project will "cement its role as a transport hub in Northeast Asia that connects the Korean Peninsula with Eurasia", Xinhua said.

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