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N 17° 37' E 083° 14'

Moored Vessels

Cargo Ship
04.06. 11:36
Cargo Ship
02.06. 20:06
05.06. 02:13
04.06. 04:20

Expected Vessels

Cargo Ship
05.06. 21:30
Cargo Ship
06.06. 08:30
Cargo Ship
07.06. 02:30
07.06. 09:00
Cargo Ship
08.06. 10:00
Cargo Ship
12.06. 14:00
Cargo Ship
18.06. 16:00
Cargo Ship
30.06. 21:00

Sailed Vessels

Cargo Ship
04.06. 23:44
Cargo Ship
03.06. 16:49

Latest news

Gangavaram Port discharges record 112599 mt Steam Coal in 24 Hours

Tue Sep 08 08:17:42 CEST 2015 arnekiel

Gangavaram Port created a historical milestone by discharging a record 112599 metric tons of Steam Coal from the capesize vessel M.V. Cape Jupiter in 24 hours. This record discharge rate only reaffirms the superior port infrastructure and operational efficiency at Gangavaram Port.

Update from Cyclone Hit Indian Port of Gangavaram

Wed Oct 15 08:33:14 CEST 2014 arnekiel

Yesterday night (Oct. 14) port declared the impact of cyclone HudHud as ‘force majeure’. As a very preliminary assessment of the port, “Hudhud” has caused extensive damage to Port infrastructure, including conveyor system, storage sheds, and other storage areas. The extent of damage will only be assessed and estimated in due course. Further, at this preliminary stage, it is apprehended that it may take around four weeks or more for Port operations to begin in a phased manner, though port indicating they will endeavor with best efforts to resume Port operations as early as possible. Therefore, in case any vessel is waiting at anchorage, they are advising owners to divert the vessel in their own interest. It is further apprehended that there may be cargo losses as well.

Congestion at India’s Dhamra, Gangavaram ports delays unloading of coal

Fri Jul 11 10:32:59 CEST 2014 arnekiel

Capesize, Panamax and Supramax dry bulk ships waiting to unload coal at the key Indian east coast ports of Gangavaram and Dhamra are experiencing delays of up to a month due to congestion and bunching of vessels, shipping agency and market sources said. Dhamra, which receives coking and thermal coal, is witnessing delays of 28-30 days, while at Gangavaram ships have to wait for four to five days before they can berth to discharge their cargoes, an India-based shipping agency source said. “The buying [into] both ports has gone down to record lows because of the enormous amount of [coal] cargoes sitting at the port,” a shipbroker said. Most of the sources attributed the delays to lackluster demand for coal in India. Port officials at Dhamra and Gangavaram were not available to comment. “We have a vessel which was supposed to go to Dhamra, but the charterers just told [us] that she was diverted to Paradip,” another shipbroker said. Dhamra and Gangavaram had been facing congestion since June 18 and June 27, respectively, sources said.

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