Georgetown (Grand Cayman)

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Georgetown (Grand Cayman)
Cayman Islands
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N 19° 18' W 081° 23'

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05.03. 00:59
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03.04. 20:00

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Latest news

BOXHUNTER RTG finds a home in the Caymans

Tue May 09 09:48:07 CEST 2017 arnekiel

The Port Authority of the Cayman Islands signed a contract with Konecranes for the delivery of two Konecranes BOXHUNTER RTGs - the first such order to the Caribbean. It’s a strategically important deal, said Alfredo Ramirez, Konecranes sales manager, Americas, following on from the company’s first BOXHUNTER RTG deal in South America. “It shows there’s a real need for this kind of innovative container crane in the Americas,” he said. Willem Jacobs, acting deputy port director - operations, Port Authority of the Cayman Islands, said that the RTG order is the beginning of the port authority’s multi-year master plan redevelopment, which will include container handling machinery replacement. Mr Jacobs said that the port’s redevelopment is geared towards giving it a 30-year life expectancy and enabling the continued economic development of the Cayman Islands. The BOXHUNTER RTGs will be used for container handling at an inland terminal a few kilometres from the sea port at George Town. - See more at:

Premier says - Cayman will have a cruise berthing port

Tue Jan 12 11:08:52 CET 2016 arnekiel

Even though details and designs are yet to be finalized for the controversial port project Premier Hon Alden McLaughlin says a cruise ship berthing facility is in Cayman’s future. However Mr McLaughlin, speaking on Cayman 27’s The Panel current affairs programme Thursday (8 January) about the project, hastened to add that a formal decision on the project is yet to be taken. He said in the next few months government will make a formal announcement on whether the project will go ahead. “We are still looking at what we can do to reduce the overall footprint in terms of dredging. The latest report that I have seen would reduce the damage to the reef structures that are there by 30 percent,” he explained. More to read at

Bad Weather keeps cruise tourists off island - Three ship arrivals cancelled

Fri Feb 20 07:06:41 CET 2015 arnekiel

Strong winds and choppy seas kept scheduled cruise ships from stopping in Grand Cayman Thursday and kept tourists off the local beaches. Three cruise ships planned to stop in George Town Thursday but all had been canceled, said Harrison Ebanks with the Port Authority. There is one cruise ship expected Friday, weather permitting. The bad weather is also impacting local businesses, including dive operators.

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