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28.05. 17:33
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17.05. 10:58
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29.05. 04:45
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28.05. 10:32

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01.06. 16:00
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05.06. 14:00
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05.06. 20:00
Cargo Ship
16.06. 14:00

Sailed Vessels

Cargo Ship
29.05. 05:16

Latest news

Port of Longview handles million-pound windmill transformer

Tue Sep 18 08:31:05 CEST 2018 arnekiel

The heaviest single piece of equipment ever to move on Washington highways came through the Port of Longview recently and will require a trailer as long as a football field to move it to its destination in Central Washington. Portland-area heavy equipment mover Omega Morgan is partnering with the Washington State Patrol and Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office to move a windmill transformer that weighs nearly 1 million pounds from the town of Roosevelt to a wind farm in Goldendale. The transformer, weighing in at nearly 1 million pounds, was originally shipped on the cargo vessel Heino from South Korea into the Port of Longview, where it was loaded on a train and shipped to the Columbia River Gorge. The transformer is extremely heavy but not that long. To spread the weight out so it does’t damage roads or bridges, it is suspended from a trailer measuring 360 feet long and 21 feet high.

Longview port in talks for an oil refinery

Wed May 27 11:46:38 CEST 2015 arnekiel

The Port of Longview announced Tuesday that it is negotiating with Riverside Refining to bring an oil refinery to its site. The refinery would process 45,000 barrels a day, of which 30,000 barrels would be crude oil, with the remainder being used cooking oil, according to a March 18 letter from Riverside to the State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council and the governor's office. The council would be the permitting agency for the project. That volume would be about one-sixth of the expected volume that would come to a rail-to-ship oil transfer terminal proposed at the Port of Vancouver by Tesoro Corp. and Savage Companies that is now under review by the siting council. In the letter, Riverside said it expects the refinery to generate about 1,600 barrels of liquid petroleum gas, 9,800 barrels of gasoline, 15,300 barrels of diesel/jet fuel and 4,900 barrels of kerosene each day. In its proposal, Riverside said all its finished products would be shipped by barge to local and regional markets along the West Coast. The 47-acre site would receive shipment of one unit train every two or three days, Riverside said in its proposal. More to read at:

$600M coal terminal planned for Columbia River

Fri Feb 24 10:47:21 CET 2012 arnekiel

A Longview company that withdrew plans last year for a Columbia River terminal to ship 5.7 million tons of coal a year to Asia has come back with big plans for a $600 million terminal to ship 44 million tons a year. Millennium Bulk Terminals plans to use the former Reynolds Metals aluminum site to load bulk ships for Asia with trainloads of coal from the Powder River Basin in Montana and Wyoming.

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