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South Africa
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S 33° 48' E 025° 41'

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04.07. 05:31
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03.07. 08:24
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04.07. 08:37

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07.07. 08:00
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13.07. 18:30

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04.07. 04:15
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03.07. 07:21

Latest news

South African ports hit by go-slow campaign

Fri Jul 12 10:33:04 CEST 2019 arnekiel

South African state-run logistics company Transnet has suspended a number of employees for taking part in a lengthy go-slow campaign at the Ngqura Container Terminal in the Eastern Cape. The port said in a statement yesterday it had “suspended a number of employees at its Ngqura Container Terminal for engaging in an illegal industrial action.

Construction gets under way at new Ngqura liquid bulk terminal

Tue Feb 26 08:39:01 CET 2019 arnekiel

Oiltanking Grindrod Calulo (OTGC) and the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) turned the first sod at the site of the Port of Ngqura’s future liquid bulk tank farm and main access road. This comes ahead of the planned decommissioning and rehabilitation of the existing liquid bulk facilities at the neighbouring Port of Port Elizabeth, which will pave the way for Ngqura’s establishment as a new petroleum trading hub for Southern Africa. The new tank farm is expected to provide storage and marine infrastructure to help meet South Africa’s petroleum demand.

Largest vessel ever arrived at Ngqura container terminal

Fri Jul 20 07:32:41 CEST 2012 arnekiel

The Port of Ngqura handled cargo from the biggest container ship to call at a South African port when the MSC Sola arrived on Sunday, July 8, after debuting at the Port of Durban earlier that week on its maiden voyage to the country. South Africa’s newest deep-water Port of Ngqura is strategic to the country, Africa and the world because of its location and economic potential as the transshipment hub for sub-Saharan Africa. Built in 2008, the MSC Sola is 364 m long, 45.6 m wide and 15.5 m deep, with an impressive gross weight of 131 771 t and a slot capacity of 11 660 TEUs, with connections for 960 refrigerated containers. The ship berthed at the deep-water Ngqura container terminal to unload 1 872 of its containers and load 3 536. A total of 5 408 containers is the biggest single load to be handled from one vessel at the terminal.

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