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Local time:
Moored Vessels:
Expected Vessels:
N 46° 30' E 030° 45'

Moored Vessels

Cargo Ship
24.03. 16:50
Cargo Ship
27.03. 11:04
Cargo Ship
10.03. 21:11
Cargo Ship
27.03. 18:33
Cargo Ship
27.03. 18:58
Cargo Ship
27.03. 07:16
Cargo Ship
22.03. 17:18
Cargo Ship
27.03. 17:34
27.03. 14:59
Pilot Vessel
27.03. 18:50

Expected Vessels

Cargo Ship
28.03. 15:00
Cargo Ship
29.03. 16:00

Sailed Vessels

Cargo Ship
27.03. 13:36

Latest news

Iranian made drones attacked Odesa

Mon Sep 26 17:30:26 CEST 2022 Timsen

For the fourth day in a row, Iranian-made drones attacked Odesa on Sep 26 in the morning, this time against military targets and without civilian casualties. On Sep 23, two civilians were killed during Russian drone attacks on the port city. On Sep 25, Odesa was attacked by three drones, one of which was reportedly shot down by Ukrainian forces. Ukraine has not officially identified the drones, but from the video footage below it appears, according to experts, that they are Iranian-produced Shakhed 136 drones.

Russian act of barbarism one day after deal was signed

Mon Jul 25 10:56:13 CEST 2022 Timsen

Russian missiles struck the port of Odessa on July 23, 2022, violating a deal signed a day earlier to curb grain exports from Black Sea ports and ease global food shortages caused by the war. The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy described the strike as blatant "barbarism" and that Moscow could not be trusted to implement the agreement. The Ukrainian military said that the missiles had not caused any significant damage and that preparations were underway to resume grain exports from Black Sea ports. The deal, signed by Moscow and Kyiv on July 22 and brokered by the United Nations and Turkey, has been hailed as a breakthrough after nearly five months of punitive fighting since Russia invaded its neighbor. By allowing grain exports from Black Sea ports, including Odessa, it is seen as crucial in curbing rising global food prices.

SOCAR becomes operator of Ukrainian oil terminal

Thu Mar 09 09:20:48 CET 2017 arnekiel

Azerbaijan’s state energy giant SOCAR became the operator of the “Sintez Oil” terminal in Odessa, which previously belonged to the “Private” group and Ukrainian businessmen Igor and Grigory Surkisov. The process of transition of “Synthesis Oil” from “Private” to SOCAR began last year, Ukrainian media reported with reference to Director of “Consulting Group A-95” Sergei Kuyun. The project was implemented in accordance with agreements on the annual supply of 1.3 million tons of Azerbaijani oil to the Kremenchuk refinery (UkrTransNafta), which is also controlled by Private, according to Kuyun. Kuyun also informs about the preliminary agreement on pumping Azerbaijani oil into Belarus. About three tanker deliveries of 240,000 tons of oil per month will be delivered to the Mozyr Oil Refinery through the UkrTransNafta oil pipeline.

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