General information

Palm Beach
United States of America
Local time:
Moored Vessels:
Expected Vessels:
N 26° 48' W 080° 04'

Moored Vessels

Cargo Ship
18.01. 22:41
Pleasure Craft
14.01. 22:47
Cargo Ship
18.01. 15:26
Pleasure Craft
13.01. 11:45
Cargo Ship
18.01. 16:49
Cargo Ship
18.01. 17:45
Cargo Ship
17.01. 23:09
Cargo Ship
18.01. 14:38
Pleasure Craft
14.01. 22:04
Sailing Vessel
13.01. 11:44

Expected Vessels

21.01. 18:00
Cargo Ship
28.01. 02:00

Sailed Vessels

Passenger Ship
18.01. 23:34
Cargo Ship
18.01. 18:43
Cargo Ship
18.01. 05:45
Passenger Ship
16.01. 23:58
Passenger Ship
16.01. 23:55

Latest news

Palm Beach based Bahamas Paradise Cruise Lines with 2 ships to Bahamas

Wed Feb 21 17:33:54 CET 2018 Over_the_ocean

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Lines are taking over COSTA neoCLASSICA, in order to employ her as GRAND CLASSICA for 2-night cruises to Bahamas.

Port of Palm Beach Commission okays $4 million project for Tropical Shipping cargo area expansion

Sat Apr 22 12:36:08 CEST 2017 arnekiel

The Port of Palm Beach and Tropical Shipping have taken the next step towards a $4 million project that if all goes well will result in the demolishing of an office building to provide Tropical with an additional 3 acres for an expanded refrigerated cargo storage area. The port commission unanimously approved the project Thursday as part of a 10-year comprehensive agreement with Tropical with four five-year renewal options. The contract has been under negotiation for months. Tropical Shipping, founded in 1963, is the port’s largest tenant and makes up about a third of its revenues. Tropical’s main business is shipping food, especially perishable, refrigerated and frozen foods, groceries and consumer goods in containers from Canada and South Florida to The Bahamas and the Caribbean. Tropical officials said the 3 acres will increase the refrigerated cargo container space from 154 containers to 275 containers if they are double-stacked and to 340 if triple-stacked. Refrigerated containers are plugged in and stored in open, paved areas before and after shipping.

Two Florida Ports Cancel Plans to Ink Pacts with Cuba

Sun Jan 29 12:42:30 CET 2017 arnekiel

Two Florida ports have canceled plans to sign cooperation pacts with Communist-ruled Cuba after state Governor Rick Scott threatened to cancel their funding if they did business with the "Cuban dictatorship." The news comes as Cuba watchers are looking closely for signs of how the United States' fragile detente with Cuba will fare under President Donald Trump. Trump has threatened to scrap moves to normalize relations, one of former President Barack Obama's signature foreign policy initiatives, if he doesn't get "a better deal." "Disappointed some [Florida ports} would enter into any agreement with Cuban dictatorship," Scott wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. "I will recommend restricting state funds for ports that work with Cuba in my budget.

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