Tang Shan

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Tang Shan
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N 39° 13' E 119° 02'

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24.01. 04:00
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24.01. 07:00
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24.01. 19:00
25.01. 23:00
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26.01. 12:00

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Latest news

Tangshan port to invest RMB5.5bn in coal berths

Wed Apr 03 10:49:06 CEST 2013 arnekiel

Despite the general depression of domestic port industry, a north China port, Tangshan port, has achieved over 30% growth in profits for five consecutive years. The port will accelerate its capacity expansion and invest RMB5.5bn to build five coal berths. The port company will start the construction of the five coal berths this year, and intends to complete the project through a combination of debt and equity financing. The new coal berths project is designed to add an additional 56m tons annual handling capacity. [SinoShipNews 02/04/13]

Tangshan gets nod to build coal berths with 56m tons annual handling capacity

Thu Jan 10 10:13:18 CET 2013 arnekiel

Beijing: Tangshan Port Group announced that the company had got approval from the National Development and Reform Commission to build coal berths with 56m tons annual handling capacity. The projects include two 150,000dwt class unloading berths, three 100,000dwt loading berths plus relevant facilities. Total project investment is estimated to hit RMB5.594bn. [10/01/13]

Tangshan Port received CNY12.06 billion in investment on port construction

Tue Dec 18 09:30:15 CET 2012 arnekiel

Investment in ports fixed assets in northern Hebei province reached CNY18.16 billion (US$2.9 billion), taking up 113.5 per cent of the annual plan as of the end of November, reports Xinhua. Tangshan Port received CNY12.06 billion in investment. Tangshan Port has completed key projects in building the Shougang Terminal phase 1 in the Jingtang port area, The Ore Terminal phase 3 project and Coal Wharf remains under construction in Caofeidian port area. Meanwhile, Hebei has completed Tangshan port's 200,000-tonne navigational channel in Jingtang port area, its multi-functional berth project, and the general bulk cargo berth phase 2 project as well as the LNG terminal project and liquid chemical terminal facility in Caofeidian port area. It has also completed the 50,000-tonne navigational channel and 200,000-tonne navigational channel jetty extension in Huanghua comprehensive port area. According to the projects progress, the full-year investment in the ports is expected to hit CNY19 billion.

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