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27.09. 09:00
Cargo Ship
27.09. 20:00
27.09. 22:00
Cargo Ship
28.09. 08:00
Cargo Ship
28.09. 14:00
Cargo Ship
01.10. 18:00
Cargo Ship
04.10. 10:00
06.10. 14:00
Cargo Ship
07.10. 18:00

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Cargo Ship
26.09. 14:46
Cargo Ship
26.09. 02:45

Latest news

A global petition has been launched in support of seafarers blocked onboard in the COVID-19 pandemic

Fri May 15 12:31:19 CEST 2020 maritimebulgaria

A global petition aiming to draw the attention of the general public to the problems of over 150 000 seafarers that cannot leave or cannot joint ship crews due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative belongs to the International Marittime Organization (IMO) Goodwill Maritime Ambassador for Bulgaria Capt. Andriyan Evtimov. The purpose is to have the document signed online by at least the same number of people as that of the blocked by the COVID-19 seafarers, and then send it to the IMO member-state governments with an appeal for immediate and urgent measures to facilitate the movement of seafaring personnel. Currently, only a few countries permit crewmember exchange in their ports, which has a direct negative impact on seafarers’ wellbeing, on the safety of navigation and the global supply chains. The petition, which can be accessed at, draws to the attention of the governments that the maritime industry is the backbone of world trade and any continuation of the restrictive measures currently in place against the seafarers would lead to detrimental effect for the global economy. More than 90% of world trade takes place by sea and the seafarers are those who constantly and in personal deprivation carry out their mission ensuring the operation of the supply chains, including such for medical supplies to combat the pandemic. You can access the petition online at

Bulgaria’s Port Varna launches 2.5 mln euro reconstruction tender

Wed Aug 23 12:04:41 CEST 2017 arnekiel

The operator of the Bulgarian Black Sea port of Varna launched 4.9 million lev ($3 million/2.5 million euro) tender for the reconstruction of the port’s infrastructure, the Public Procurement Agency said. “The company plans to sign a framework agreement with up to three potential contractors for a period of three years,” a notice on the Public Procurement Agency website shows. Interested parties could submit their offers by September 14. The offers will be evaluated on the basis of two criteria – lower price (60%) and technical proposal (40%). Port of Varna is equipped to handle all types of cargo, including containers, general cargo, dry and liquid bulks. The port provides services to passenger and cruise ships as well as scientific vessels. Source: Seenews

Bulgarian fishing fleet blockades Varna

Sat Jan 07 12:41:09 CET 2017 masforgo

Bulgarian fishermen finally lost patience trying to forge a dialogue with the authorities and yesterday blockaded the channel leading to the Black Sea port of Varna, with more than 50 vessels taking part. They claim their next step will be to take their grievances to the EU Commission. The fishermen are planning to tie up and return their quotas to the Ministry of Agriculture, and to take their case to the European Commission as a way of breaking the deadlock. As the protest got underway yesterday, an open letter was sent to Desislava Taneva, the minister responsible for fisheries by fishermen’s organisation Black Sea Sunrise. ‘This is our last call for effective action to change your management of the fisheries sector. Unfortunately, our month-long protest has not brought any response. During this time, we have not seen any government representative prepared to recognise that there is a problem and with the courage to take the appropriate decisions,’ stated Black Sea Sunrise. Report and photos:

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