Victoria (Canada)

General information

Victoria (Canada)
Local time:
Moored Vessels:
Expected Vessels:
N 48° 26' W 123° 25'

Moored Vessels

08.04. 22:34
Coast Guard Ship
10.04. 19:45
18.12. 17:08
Passenger Ship
06.03. 20:43
Sailing Vessel
12.04. 22:59
Rescue Vessel
11.04. 23:47
Passenger Ship
12.04. 23:05
12.04. 18:04
High-speed Craft
12.04. 20:09
Rescue Vessel
17.03. 02:21

Expected Vessels

Passenger Ship
13.04. 16:45

Sailed Vessels

Passenger Ship
12.04. 19:52
Passenger Ship
12.04. 01:27
Passenger Ship
11.04. 19:54
Passenger Ship
11.04. 01:28

Latest news

BC Ferries orders four more Island Class hybrid-electric double-enders from Damen

Wed Nov 13 06:46:25 CET 2019 arnekiel

Damen Shipyards Group is to build a further four Island Class double-ender ferries for BC Ferries. All four vessels will be built at Damen’s yard in Romania and will enter service in 2022. Damen is already building two Island Class vessels for BC Ferries, both of which have completed sea trials and are due in Victoria, BC in early 2020.

Princess Cruises to close GVHA's record 2018 cruise season

Sat Oct 13 10:01:09 CEST 2018 arnekiel

Princess Cruises’ Ruby Princess will close a record seven-month cruise season at Greater Victoria Harbour Authority’s (GVHA) Ogden Point Cruise Terminal in Victoria, British Columbia on 14 October. Since the Canadian port’s 2018 season started on 11 April, GVHA has achieved a ‘series of milestones and records’. This year, ships from 12 different cruise lines have made a total of 250 calls, bringing around 640,000 passengers and 260,000 crew members to Victoria. The industry supported 800 direct jobs and contributed an estimated CA$130 million to the regional economy.

Ecological damage expected to be minimal after Seaspan barge lost cargo

Mon Aug 31 10:52:31 CEST 2015 Timsen

British Columbia’s environment ministry expected the ecological damage to be minor after the barge "Seaspan 183" tipped and dumped scrap cars into Victoria’s inner harbour on Aug 28. Emergency program director Graham Knox said regulations require fuel to be removed from vehicles before loading but it’s impossible to clean them completely. A sheen of hydrocarbons can be seen in the water but a large boom has been wrapped around the accident site to contain the fuel. The U.S. company that recycles the cars, Schnitzer Steel, was responsible for cleanup and has hired the Western Canada Marine Response Corporation. While the assessment could take days but all the debris will need to be removed from the water because it can pose an entangling risk to wildlife and displace habitat. It was not yet known what caused the barge to tilt and spill more than 100 scrap vehicles into the water. Report with photos:

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