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Latest news

LUKOIL is looking into construction of a dry bulk terminal at the port of Vysotsk

Tue Jan 29 08:38:52 CET 2019 arnekiel

LUKOIL says it is interested in construction of a dry cargo terminal for transshipment of coke, coal and pellets in Vysotsk, says press center of the Leningrad Region Government. The terminal design has been discussed at the meeting of Leningrad Region Governor Aleksand Drozdenko and LUKOIL President Vagit Alekperov. The first turn of SPK Vysotsk terminal able to handle up to 7 million tonnes of cargo per year is to be completed by 2021. When fully operational the terminal will handle up to 15 million tonnes per year. The project foresees generation of about 160 jobs.

Ice navigation restrictions at port Vysotsk come into effect on December 12

Thu Dec 01 10:08:17 CET 2016 arnekiel

In view of the preliminary forecast on ice situation in the Gulf of Finland in the winter period of 2016-2017 and beginning of the period of subzero temperatures, Ice navigation restrictions at port Vysotsk come into effect on December 12 according to Order No 19/2016-r as of 28 November 2016, says press center of Baltic Sea Ports Administration. From December 12, vessels of non-ice class are allowed to sail in the water area and at the approaches to the port of Vysotsk only with the assistance of icebreakers (if ice is 10-15 cm thick). Vessels of Ice 1 class and above can sail in ice waters either with icebreaker assistance or independently when approved by icebreakers.

Leningrad Region and Cryogas CJSC sign project passport for construction of LNG terminal at port Vysotsk

Sat Jun 18 08:39:29 CEST 2016 arnekiel

Leningrad Region and Cryogas CJSC have signed a project passport for construction of an LNG terminal at port Vysotsk. The document has been signed today, June 17th, a the SPIEF (Saint-Petersburg Inter Economic Forum) by Leningrad Region Governor Aleksandr Drozdenko and Cryogas Director General Ryszard Rudnicki, says the press center of the regional Government. Cryogas CJSC (100% owned by Gazprombank, set up in 2004) is implementing the project on construction of a terminal for production and transshipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) at port Vysotsk (Leningrad Region). Production capacity of the terminal will be 660,000 t of LNG per year. The project also includes construction of an offshoot pipeline from the main gas pipeline via Vyborg to the border (Leningrad-Vyborg-Gosgranitsa). The project implementation means generation of 100 jobs. The construction is to last 3-4 years (2015-2018). Cryogas CJSC signed an agreement on construction of LNG terminal near port Vysotsk on November 26, 2014. Port of Vysotsk is located in the Leningrad Region. In May 2012, RF Government expanded the limits of port Vysotsk through the inclusion of land plots and adjacent water area, where a general cargo terminal with annual capacity of 3 mln t is being constructed (on Putevoy Cape).

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