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N 23° 06'   E 113° 26'
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Expected Vessels

Name ETA
ZHONG LIAN HAI XIA Photo Zhong Lian Hai Xia   China 21.04.2018 02:30 (T-AIS)
JIN HUI 328 Photo Jin Hui 328   China 21.04.2018 15:30 (T-AIS)
LUCKY STAR Photo Lucky Star   Togo 21.04.2018 22:00 (T-AIS)
GREAT PRINCESS Photo Great Princess   Panama 22.04.2018 08:00 (T-AIS)
MORNING CORNELIA Photo Morning Cornelia   Panama 22.04.2018 15:30 (T-AIS)

Moored Vessels

Name since
SUI GANG YIN 9 Photo Sui Gang Yin 9   China 21.04.2018 00:09 (T-AIS)
YUE DU CHENG HUO2233 Photo Yue Du Cheng Huo2233   China 21.04.2018 00:09 (T-AIS)
SUI SHUI BA 57 Photo Sui Shui Ba 57   China 21.04.2018 00:08 (T-AIS)
YUEGUANGZHOUHUO0441 Photo Yueguangzhouhuo0441   China 21.04.2018 00:07 (T-AIS)
SUI GANG 23 Photo Sui Gang 23   China 21.04.2018 00:05 (T-AIS)

Approaching Vessels

Name since
CHANG YANG JIN AN Photo Chang Yang Jin An   China 20.04.2018 23:46
DONG GUAN TUO 10 Photo Dong Guan Tuo 10   China 20.04.2018 23:43
THOR MADOC Photo Thor Madoc   Singapore 20.04.2018 23:43
AN TU 668 Photo An Tu 668   China 20.04.2018 23:38
SUN ASTER Photo Sun Aster   South Korea 20.04.2018 23:32

Sailed Vessels

Name since
HUA JIN HUI Photo Hua Jin Hui   China 21.04.2018 00:07
YUEJIANHANG0006 Photo Yuejianhang0006   China 21.04.2018 00:02
YUESHAOGUANHUO2890 Photo Yueshaoguanhuo2890   China 20.04.2018 23:46
JINSHAJI958 Photo Jinshaji958   China 20.04.2018 23:24
YUESHAOGUANHUO1312 Photo Yueshaoguanhuo1312   China 20.04.2018 23:23

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