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Tanzania: Govt Mulls Plan to Open Mtwara Port

Thu Dec 29 07:59:31 CET 2016 arnekiel

The government intends to open up a new entry point for petroleum products into the country after announcing Mtwara port as the third after Dar es Salaam and Tanga, it has been learnt. The first consignment at the new Mtwara Port will be announced after the Energy and Water Utility Regulatory Authority (EWURA) signs a memorandum of understanding with the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) in Mtwara. Ewura’s Communication and Public Relations Manager (CPRM) Mr Titus Kaguo made the revelation while in an interview with ‘Daily News,’ adding that the authority has already hold talks with both parties including some oil marketing companies and the regional administration. The oil marketing companies includes GM Investment and Oilcom after it was learnt that the port was essential for them. “We plan to open up Mtwara port very soon and the plan will help to lower fuel prices in the Southern regions especially Lindi, Mtwara and Mbeya,” Mr Kaguo noted. Retail and wholesale price for fuel in upcountry regions is determined by the distance from the point of entry in additional to global oil price trend.

Tanzania: Mtwara Port Buoyed Up By Arrival of Dangote Trucks

Wed Dec 14 13:24:53 CET 2016 arnekiel

Regional authorities are upbeat over the prospects of increased business and revenue after 1,115 trucks imported by Nigerian business mogul Aliko Dangote docked at the Mtwara Port at the weekend. “This is a good beginning as we open up economic opportunities for the region,” said Acting Regional Commissioner Khatibu Kazungu who witnessed the docking of the ships carrying the trucks. The trucks are destined for the Dangote Cement factory. They add to the Nigerian businessman’s current fleet of trucks transporting cement from Mtwara to various parts of the country. Mtwara Port general manager Stella Katondo said later this month another vessel carrying 500 vehicles for the same cement plant is expected at the facility.

Mtwara Port Handles Huge Ships After Renovations

Thu Feb 26 06:20:12 CET 2015 arnekiel

Mtwara Port is now handling large ships after major improvements carried out by the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA), at the country’s third major seaport in the South eastern region. Speaking shortly after MV Hammonia Pacificum container ship, with overall length of 209 metres, docked at the Port over the weekend, the TPA Communications Officer, Mr Leonard Magomba, said that the changes in technology has enabled the Port to receive such ships. “Previously, the Port could not handle such large ships but thanks to major improvements, the Port now receives huge ships,” he said. The arrival of the large ship comes just weeks after the Dar es Salaam Port hosted MSC Martina, one of the largest container vessels, to dock at the country’s major port. The now suspended TPA Acting Director General, Madeni Kipande said then that the Mediterranean Shipping Company’s container vessel with an overall length of 244 metres and width of 32.2 metres and carrying capacity of 2,411 containers docked without any problem. “The arrival of such large vessels is a major achievement to be recorded by the Tanzania Ports Authority,” noted Eng Kipande. He explained that the MSC Martina is one of the largest container ships owned by the Geneva-based Italian Company to dock and offload consignment at the Port. The largest ship to be accommodated by the Port was Maersk Cubango with an overall length of 250 metres and width of 38 metres with capacity to carry 4,500 containers owned by the Maersk Line. “This is the first time for Mtwara Port to host large ship with overall length of 209 metres compared to the previous one to anchor at the Port. Last time the port received the ship with overall length of 205 metres,” observed Mr Magomba. The Liberia registered ship which offloaded 1,240 containers is expected to leave the country this week. Source: Tanzania Daily News

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