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United Kingdom
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N 50° 21'   W 004° 09'
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Expected Vessels

Name ETA
SHETLAND TRADER Photo Shetland Trader   Barbados 22.07.2018 04:00 (T-AIS)
BEAUMAGIC Photo Beaumagic   Netherlands 23.07.2018 10:00 (T-AIS)
HMS KENT Photo HMS Kent   United Kingdom 26.07.2018 03:30 (T-AIS)
SD CAWSAND Photo Sd Cawsand   United Kingdom 05.08.2018 14:30 (T-AIS)
VIRGIN ATLANTIC CHAL Photo Virgin Atlantic Chal   United Kingdom 19.08.2018 14:00 (T-AIS)

Moored Vessels

Name since
COURTESANE Photo Courtesane   United Kingdom 21.07.2018 17:13 (T-AIS)
BOUNDER Photo Bounder   United Kingdom 21.07.2018 16:58 (T-AIS)
SUN KOSI Photo Sun Kosi   United Kingdom 21.07.2018 16:35 (T-AIS)
PANACHE OF FALMOUTH Photo Panache Of Falmouth   United Kingdom 21.07.2018 16:16 (T-AIS)
MFV KINDRED SPIRIT Photo Mfv Kindred Spirit   United Kingdom 21.07.2018 15:45 (T-AIS)

Approaching Vessels

Sailed Vessels

Name since
AUGSBURG Photo Augsburg   Germany 21.07.2018 04:28
PHM ATLANTICO Photo Phm Atlantico   Brazil 21.07.2018 02:39
CEMBAY Photo Cembay   Cyprus 21.07.2018 01:16
ARMORIQUE Photo Armorique   France 21.07.2018 00:25
KAREN C Photo Karen C   United Kingdom 20.07.2018 23:00

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