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N 29° 31'   E 121° 37'
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Expected Vessels

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Moored Vessels

Name since
ZHEFENGYUXIU60062 Photo Zhefengyuxiu60062   China 23.06.2018 04:33 (T-AIS)
XING GUANG 9 Photo Xing Guang 9   China 23.06.2018 04:17 (T-AIS)
HUA HANG ZHI HE Photo Hua Hang Zhi He   China 23.06.2018 04:15 (T-AIS)
ZHEFENGYU60002 Photo Zhefengyu60002   China 23.06.2018 04:04 (T-AIS)
ZHE PU 01836 Photo Zhe Pu 01836   China 23.06.2018 04:02 (T-AIS)

Approaching Vessels

Name since
JIN HAI XIN Photo Jin Hai Xin   China 23.06.2018 03:50
ZHEFENGYUXIU60013 Photo Zhefengyuxiu60013   China 23.06.2018 01:21
YANG HAI 666 Photo Yang Hai 666   China 22.06.2018 23:28
SHENG SONG 368 Photo Sheng Song 368   China 22.06.2018 22:09
KE YI DA 3 Photo Ke Yi Da 3   China 22.06.2018 21:56

Sailed Vessels

Name since
XIN HAO CHENG 78 Photo Xin Hao Cheng 78   China 23.06.2018 04:26
SHENGZE6 Photo Shengze6   China 23.06.2018 04:20
XIN LV BAO SHI Photo Xin Lv Bao Shi   China 23.06.2018 03:27
HONG YANG GONG101 Photo Hong Yang Gong101   China 23.06.2018 02:59
JINHHMA99 Photo Jinhhma99   China 23.06.2018 01:06

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