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 Feng Hui Hai  (Bulk Carrier)
12 hours ago by Timsen

Three crew members poisoned by coal gas, one dead
Three Chinese crew members were taken off by a tug from the Feng Hui Hai" and transferred to hospital at Jamnagar port, Gujarat, India, on Apr 22, 2018, with gas poisoning symptoms. Upon arrival to hospital, two were declared dead, one was treated for poisoning. The bulkcarrier had entered the Gulf of Kutch on Apr 21, arriving from the Muara Pantai Offshore Coal Terminal with a cargo of coal. The ship anchored off Jamnagar, Gujarat in the Gulf of Kutch. It was found out that coal gas was the cause of the accident. One crew member had entered a cargo hold and was affected by gas, two other followed to help him and also suffered gas poisoning.

 Gladys B  (Tug)
14 hours ago by Timsen

Tug scuttled as artificial reef
Alabama is striving to become one of the top destinations for divers to explore numerous wrecks, scuttled vessels and our state’s unparalleled artificial reef zones. The latest efforts to increase the awareness for dive enthusiasts occurred on Apr 12, 2018, when the Alabama Marine Resources Division (MRD) scuttled the 2Gladys B", in the Tatum-Winn North reef zone approximately 22 nautical miles south of Fort Morgan in 100 feet of water. The superstructure of the vessel is about 62 feet below the surface. The "Gladys B" was built in 1937 and donated to the MRD Artificial Reef Program by Steiner’s Shipyard from Bayou la Batre. The reef site coordinates are 29 53.635’N and 87 56.071’W. On the same trip, MRD deployed approximately 200 concrete culvert pipes to enhance the old Tulsa wreck and the Radmore Pipe Number 1 site about 15 miles south of Dauphin Island and to create a new reef site about 25 miles south of Fort Morgan. Reports with photos and video: www.courierjourna...

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