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 Uscgc Bollard  (Other)
1 hour ago by Timsen

Damage to Bollard changed ice breaking plans
The US Coast Guard was unable to continue work to break ice jams on the Connecticut River in Haddam on Jan 20, 2018, due to an issue with the USS "Bollard". The USCG has been in Connecticut working to break up ice jams. On Jan 17, the Town of Haddam declared a state of emergency because of the danger of flooding. The "Bollard" was damaged on Jan 19 and is currently out of commission while repairs were made. She was docked in Essex. Another vessel, the USS "Hawser", did continue work further down the river north of the I-95 bridge in Old Lyme on Jan 20. The East Haddam Swing Bridge, which was expected to be closed for several hours as the Coast Guard worked, was open to drivers due to the change of plans.

 Matrona  (General Cargo Ship)
2 hours ago by Timsen

Cargo ship adrift in Zonguldak
The ropes of the "Matrona" parted due to adverse weather condition together with heavy seas and strong wind at Zonguldak inner harbour on Jan 18, 2018. Additional ropes were provided by pier duty teams and the vessel safely re-berthed at the pier.

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