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 Seatrout  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Oil Products Tanker)
21 min ago by Timsen

Tanker refloated
Under the eyes of several spectactors, the "Seatrout" was refloated on Sep 20 at 4 p.m. Involved werre the tugs "Multratug 14", "Multratug 27", "Multratug 22", "Multratug 30", "Union Pearl" and "Experience" which had started the salvage attempt at 3 p.m. The accident which caused the grounding had involved three ships, two ships which came from Antwerp and one that was bound to Antwerp. Due to the resilient ship, the "Usolie" and the "Seatrout" had to divert so close to each other that there was a suction effect, a collision followed and the "Seatrout" eventually stranded at the Dumoulin Road near the village of Bath. During the salvage operation, ship traffic was completely shut down. Previously, ships of less than 200 meters could still pass with caution. Dutch report with photo: www.hvzeeland.nl/... www.gva.be/cnt/dm...

 Lucky Seven  (Other)
4 hours ago by Timsen

Lucky Seven drifted back after towing wire snapped
Immediately after the "Lucky Seven"’s towing operation resumed in the morning of Sep 10, amidst heavy rainfall, the engine of the "Maria", one of the three tugs failed because of the choking of the oil filter, and its towing wire snapped forcing the salvors to abort the operation until the next high tide. The previous day the vessel had moved about 300 meters away from the beach and had hit the sand bar due to the low tide leading to postponing the towing exercise. When the salvors resumed the operation on Sep 19 at around 10.15 a.m. the vessel’s position shifted, but the engine failure of the "Maria" forced a halt to the operation. The casino ship drifted back around 10 to 15 metres and was now resting on the sand bank. It remained tied to the remaining two tugs, one of which belongs to the Captain of Ports Department. Once the weather has subsided and the engine of the tug has been repaired, the towing operation was to resume on Sep 20. The high tide was expected at around 10:45 a.m.

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