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 Highnya  (Bulk Carrier)
vor 4 Std von Timsen

Bulkcarrier accused of hit and run accident by North Korea
The "Hignya" was accused to have collided with the North Korean fishing vessel Turubong 3" on Oct 1, 2015, at 1.25 a.m. The f/v which was belonging to the Foreign Trade Administration Bureau of North Hamgyong Province and was conducting a fishing operation suffered significant damage, five sailors were reported injured. The bulker left the scene. The company would not confirm if the vessel had collided with the fishing vessel, saying only that a Taiwanese surveyor was scheduled to board the ship after it reached Kaohsiung on Oct 5. The captain was not aware of a collision. The owners have acknowledged the concerned departments to make contact with ship’s insurance company, to clarify what really happened.

 Fair Afroditi  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Oil Products Tanker)
vor 6 Std von Timsen

Tsavliris Salvage rendered assistance after explosion
The "Fair Afroditi" was one of the ships contributing to a busy 3rd quarter 2015. The tanker suffered significant damage following an explosion during tank cleaning while she was off Lome, on Aug 14. Severe structural damage was sustained, flooding of the engine room and cargo tanks occurred and the casualty listed about 18 degrees to port. The entire crew abandoned the casualty. Prior the incident the vessel was proceeding to Lome anchorage for STS loading. On Aug 15, Tsavliris Salvage deployed the "Ratcel J"and the AHTS “The Guardian” to provide assistance. On Aug 16 a Tsavliris Salvage team (comprising of a salvage master, salvage engineers and riggers) was mobilised from Greece to Lome as well as suitable salvage equipment. Messrs. OMA GROUP were appointed as agents for Tsavliris, whilst the SRN GROUP were appointed to provide diving services. The Tsavliris Salvage team boarded the vessel on Aug 17 and remained until Sep 8 . During this time the team managed to stabilise the vessel by undertaking the following: -Correcting the vessel’s list and trim by transferring ballast and removing oily water and bunkers. -Making the hull, pump room and engine room watertight by sealing the sea chests and overboards, closing sea valves internally and sealing the cargo pumps. -Removing all bunkers, oily water, lubricating oil (about 215 m3) and paints from the vessel. -Stripping the engine room tanks, pump room bilges and slop tanks. -Removing provisions and sealing the fridges. The salvage services were completed on Sep 8. The Tsavliris Salvage team continued providing services under a Care Taking Arrangement signed on Sep 9 . A skeleton salvage team remains in attendance and the tug “The Guardian" remained standing by providing basic essential services until the vessel’s final disposal. Report with photos: www.hellenicshipp...

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