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 El Faro  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship > Vehicles Carrier)
vor 12 Min von Timsen

Hearing on May 24: Lifeboats did not have to be lowered during inspections
On May 24 the "El Faro"’s surveyor said they did annual inspections of the ship’s lifeboat operations, but they did not have to see the boats get in the water. The American Bureau of Shipping surveyed the "El Faro" under the US Coast Guard’s Alternate Compliance Program, which is a special inspection protocol over commercial vessels that accounts for the work already being done by independent class societies. ABS is required to inspect the vessel annually. The ABS ISM Audit Coordinator Stephen Hohenshelt, who is also a Senior Surveyor and did the annuals on the "El Faro" in January and February 2015, says during those inspections, everything checked out. One area investigators kept moving back to was lifeboats. Guidelines appear to require annual testing of crew competency in working lifeboats in the water, but Hohenshelt said that was not directly on them. He told investigators working the boats in the water would generally fall under the purview of the Coast Guard, not ABS. ABS surveys the operations of the lifeboats while they’re lowered and cradled. Holhenshelt added that crews were required to launch the boats quarterly, but that did not have to be while ABS is on board. He further confirmed that the open, gravity davit lifeboats used by the "El Faro" and her sister ships "El Yunque" and "El Morro" were the only ones he had ever surveyed, and that style was no longer allowed for newer ships. The regulation which required modern ships to have enclosed lifeboats was not determined to be retroactive, according to prior testimony, meaning this older trio was allowed to keep that style. These questions led investigators to look at the existing oversight of ACP. The Coast Guard was notified about these inspections, but Hohenshelt said they didn’t attend the annuals he performed on the "El Faro" or "El Yunque". In March 2015, Hohensheltwas called out by a marine inspector to address a steering gear issue. It was determined the ship could return to Jacksonville for the repair. Another deficiency included an emergency generator not immediately starting, but that was fixed right away. He also wrote up a small area of wastage, which was fixed with epoxy. He says those issues were not always reported to the Coast Guard. The ACP program will be the key focus of the testimony on May 25, with several representatives from the Coast Guard scheduled to testify.

 A.gaudi  (Tug)
vor 28 Min von Timsen

Barge towed by A. Gaudi suffered water ingress
The "A. Gaudi" reached the port of Algericas on May 24, 2016, after the St. Vincent-Grenadines flagged 50-m-flat deck barge "TB 01", 1250 dwt (ID-No.: G6-.0011; Classification No. 04192 J Bureau VERITAS), being towed towards Malaga, suffered water ingress and forced the convoy to divert to the Bay of Algeciras to get the water bailed out. The water ingress occurred in the tanks 3, 4 and 5 while passing the Strait of Gibraltar. Both vessels were moored in front of the shipyard Crinavis Camp (anchorage A). A team of divers checked the hull of the barge for cracks or fissures that had caused the leak. The inspection was concluded with no damage having been found, so the loss of manholes was blamed to have caused the water ingress at the bow. The barge will remain at anchorage A until the technical deficiencies have been removed by the placement of new manholes and emptying the tanks. Spanish report with photo: www.europasur.es/...

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