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 Lorena  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 5 Std von Timsen

Smouldering fire in cargo
On Dec 18, 2014, a fire broke out in the cargo hold of the "Lorena" which was berthed at the power plant in Emden. The fire rescue was alerted at 7 p.m. after the crew remarked smoke emerging from the cargo of 1000 tons wood pellets. In a depth of 1,5 meters of the cargo a temperature of 115 degrees Celsius was measured.A crane started to remove the cargo which was stored on the pier and spread with water. Two hours after the cargo operations started, the smouldering fire could be detected. Now the cargo was permanently kept wet during the whole night. In the morning of Dec 18 at 4.15 a.m. the fire rescue of Borssum was released by the fire rescue from Widdelswehr/Petkum. Some of the water was pumped off by the ship's crew. At 10.30 a.m. the fire rescue could leave. German reports with photos: https://www.facebook.com/... https://www.emderzeitung....

 Vestaswind  (Other)
vor 7 Std von Timsen

Salvage team underway to grounded yacht
Neil Cox was heading to Mauritius for the salvage of the "Vestas Wind". While the boat was not deemed repairable, the team was eager to salvage as much as they could. They want to bring as much of the boat back as possible. Floating the boat off the reef provided the best chance to salvage the boat and limit environmental impact. If they get to the other side of the reef, it gives us the chance to set it up in a controlled fashion to either be able to tow the boat back to Mauritius, or there is a Maersk Line ship to use their derrick to get it on the ship. The alternative is to dismantle the entire boat – hull, equipment, and spar – on the reef and remove it in pieces. Skipper Nicholson joined Cox in Mauritius in the evening of Dec. 17. They have set up the recovery operation in Port Louis, liaising with local resources, chartering a boat they’ll use as a mother ship, getting all the necessary tools through customs and the permits to go back to the Saint Brandon archipelago. In the meantime, the Île du Sud inhabitants have maintained a watch on the boat, and sent some photos with the supply boat two days ago. It appeared that the boat hasn’t moved much. Cox and Nicholson was now enroute to the location along with their shore crew Tom Kiff plus two local guys, five recovery people from Durban, South Africa, and a cameraman. The mother ship on the leeward side of the reef and 2,5 miles away from the boat has the facilities for the crew to live onboard, because there was no way to stay on the island. They have also chartered local fishing boats to cross the lagoon everyday. Report with photos: www.sailingscuttl...

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