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 Loreto  (Bulk Carrier)
vor 4 Min von Timsen

Craqcked bulkcarrier still under repair off Punta Arenas
The "Loreto" is actually still undergoing emergency hull repairs by the Nautilus company in Punta Arenas. The ship had ran aground at Paso Tortuoso on Dec 31, 2014, underway from the coal pier Mina Invierno in Seno Otway to the port of Huasco in Coquimbo. The bulker struck the Anson rock about 102 nautical miles from Punta Arenas and was towed to the Magellan Strait, arriving under escort of the Chilean Navy in Punta Arenas on Jan 1, 2015. The ship had a list of eight degrees to starboard due to breached and flooded ballast water tanks. It had suffered cracks of various sizes in the hull. It was carrying a cargo of 70.000 tons coal. The emergency repair during which the major leaks were to be sealed was estimated to take two weeks. Chilean reports with photos: www.laprensaaustr... elpinguino.com/no... www.mundomaritimo...

 Bavaria 52  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 14 Std von Timsen

Barge smashed gate of lock
"Bavaria 52", 1898 ts (EU-No.: 4403030), allided with the upper gate of the lock in Erlangen on the Main-Donau-Canal on Jan 21, 2015, at 10.20 p.m. The ship was underway to Bamberg with a cargo of 1500 tons rape and had entered the lock in spite of a red traffic light as the gates were closed at this time. The ship smashed into the gate with its bow, damaging it so severe that it was no longer operable. Ship traffic was interrupted and the port of Nürnberg could only be reached from the South since. The gate was bent and had to be exchanged. For this purpose the lock was dewatered on Jan 24 and it was started to remove the 26-tons-gate with three cranes on Jan 25. 18 ships bound for the Danube and Main had to wait for the transit until further notice. German report with photos: www.nordbayern.de...

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