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 Texas Cutter  (Other)
vor 1 Std von Timsen

Dredger collided with barge
The "Texas Barge" collided with a barge after it was pushed by a strong current about a mile into the Intracoastal Waterway in the morning of Oct 1, 2014, at 12.46 a.m. The dredge was slated to work on the Bolivar ferry landing when it became unmoored. The two-man crew lowered a spud into the water to stop the vessel from drifting. The spud was bent by the abrupt stop. Traffic on the the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway was shut down for hours and caused a backup of towing vessels along the Bolivar Peninsula. The Houston Ship Channel remained open, but towing vessels could not travel the narrow channel. The shutdown affected about 13 tugs. The Houston Ship Channel and the Galveston Ship Channel were not closed, but the ICW was blocked from light 13 to light 28. Report with photos: www.khou.com/stor...

 Juros Vilkas  (Fishing Vessel)
vor 1 Std von Timsen

Russia accused of violating international maritime laws
Russia has been accused by Lithuania of violating international maritime laws after seizing the "Juros Vilkas" with a crew of 30. The EU protested earlier over the incident on Sep 18, saying Russian border guards had conducted a "forced apprehension" of the vessel which was detained in Murmansk awaiting a court ruling. The "Juros Vilkas" has been in international waters when it was seized in the Barents Sea according to satellite data. The European Union called on Russia to respect its international obligations and to immediately release the vessel. Officials had raised the issue with the Russian ambassador to the bloc. A Russian court will decide on Oct 7 whether to release the vessel. The crew, which included Lithuanian and Russian nationals, had not been detained and was still on board.

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FSO UOTE1 Photo Liberia abgelegt vor 2 Min
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