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 Jean Nicoli  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
8 hours ago by Timsen

Mooring rope fouled propeller
In the night of Jan 17, 2017, a rope used to moor the ferry in the port fouled the propeller of the "Jean Nicoli". A team of firefighters intervened in the port of Ajaccio around 9 p.m. Divers had to remove the obstruction after the propeller was blocked. They were accompanied by a protective and lighting vehicle. The work was done after almost two hours. French report with photo: www.corsenetinfos...

 Mars  (Other)
8 hours ago by Timsen

Fire on tanker on Ijssel Sea
In the afternoon of Jan 19, 2017, the "Mars" caught fire on the Ijssel Sea at the height of the Oude Zeug port in Wieringerwerf. The crew was unable to extinguish the fire in the engine. The situation was dangerous, as the tanker was not degassed. Sveral lifeguards and the fire brigade were alerted. several KNRM boats headed for the tanker and the fire department in Enkhuizen was on spot too. The tanker was empty, but usually transpored gasoil. It was towed to port where the fire could be tackled with more equipment. In the evening it was put out. The ship was still being ventilated. Dutch reports with photos and video: www.noordhollands...

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