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 Baltic Performer  (General Cargo Ship > Refrigerated Cargo Ship)
9 min ago by Timsen

Cargo shift in Bay of Biscay
The "Baltic Performer" got in difficulties in heavy weather off south-west of the tip of Brittany, 112 miles south of Penmarc'h, on Oct 21 at 3 p.m.Part of the cargo of 6,120 tons of vegetables, arranged on pallets, had shifted, causing a portside list of 15 degrees. It asked for assistance in the morning of Oct 22, 2017. The emergency tug "Abeille Bourbon" was deployed as an escort. It sailed from Camaret at 7 p.m. and reached the reefer on Oct 22 at 2 a.m. The convoy headed for shelter in Brest. The reefer had sailed from Flushing on Oct 19 bound for Dakar and has a crew of 25 on board. Weather on scene was wind force 7 on the Beaufort scale and swell of 6 to 9 meters. French report with photo: https://www.ouest-france....

 Friederike  (Bulk Carrier)
49 min ago by Timsen

Mutineers neutralized by special forces off Argentina
The "Friederike" requested assistance while en route from Lagos to Buenos Aires, reporting a mutiny on board. Four Nigerian stowaways mutinied and posed a threat to crew. The bulkcarrier was advised to change course and proceed to an anchorage southeast of Montevideo. Special forces and investigators boarded the vessel on Oct 21 after it approached to Montevideo, and neutralized stowaways. They were disembarked at Montevideo, then the ship was moored at Montevideo anchorage.

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