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 Arctic Sunrise  (Service Ship > Research Vessel)
4 hours ago by arnekiel

Norway Arrests Greenpeace Ship and 35 Activists During Protest at Arctic Oil Well
Norwegian authorities have detained Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise after a protest at a Statoil contracted drilling rig at Norway’s northernmost oil field in the Barents Sea, the environmental group said in a statement. Greenpeace said the vessel and 35 activists were unlawfully detained after entering the exclusion zone of Statoil’s Korpfjell well, halting drilling operations for the Songa Enabler semi-submersible. The ship, activists and crew members were all arrested by the Norwegian Coast Guard, the group said. Greenpeace said it hopes the protest will send a message to the Norwegian government to stop oil drilling in the Arctic.

 Al-misbar  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Support Vessel)
4 hours ago by arnekiel

Iraqi service ship sinks after collision with bulk carrier ROYAL ARSENAL, 4 dead 7 missing
Bulk carrier ROYAL ARSENAL collided with service ship AL-MISBAR in Khor Abdallah Channel soon after leaving Umm Qasr, Iraq, at around 1730 UTC Aug 19. Service ship AL-MISBAR with 21 people on board sank, only 10 were rescued, 4 bodies recovered, 7 are counted missing as of morning Aug 20. AL-MISBAR was owned and operated by Iraq Ports Authorities. ROYAL ARSENAL was brought to anchor near grounding site in Channel, at 0330 UTC Aug 20 she was in the same position.

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