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 Fluvius Tamar  (General Cargo Ship)
9 hours ago by Timsen

Wreck towed to Rotterdam
The "Fluvius Tamar" which sank on Jan 13 in the Northsea enroute from Eemshaven to Spain with 3800 ton magnesium oxyde was raised in the evening of July 26. The wreck was towed to Rotterdam to be broken up. Dutch report with photo: https://www.facebook.com/...

 Wsf Yakima  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
11 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry broke down and has to be repaired
Ferry routes out of Anacortes had to change after the "Yakima" experienced problems with its generator earlier this week. It was moved to the Washington State Ferries’ Eagle Harbor maintenance facility on Bainbridge Island. The repair could take up to three weeks. Five ferries typically sail between Anacortes and the San Juan Islands during the busy summer months. Now, it was down to four, so an emergency schedule is in place to maintain service until another vessel was available. Maintenance crews wree working to make sure that happens quickly, according to the release. No new vehicle reservations would be accepted until another vessel is available. Those without reservations can travel standby, though vehicle space was limited. Because of the changes, there was an adjusted schedule. Domestic travel in the islands and the morning sailing to Sidney, British Columbia, is canceled. Morning international travelers will be moved to the afternoon sailing. Customers with existing reservations will get priority on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who choose not to travel did not need to cancel their reservation and will not be charged a no-show fee. Washington State Ferries was working with BC Ferries to allow passengers with existing WSF reservations to travel on BC Ferries boats. Customers should arrive at least 90 minutes to two hours early, even if they have a reservation. Paid parking was available at the Anacortes terminal for those considering walking on, instead of taking a vehicle. There was almost always room for walk-on passengers.

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