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 Real  (General Cargo Ship)
2 hours ago by Timsen

Grounded ship stabilized and prepared for disposal
After the "Real" grounded in Typhoon Lan which battered Japan in Fushiki port, Toyama, early in the morning of Oct 23, 2017, th eshipowner’s legal liabilities to third parties were covered by AMT-Insurance Company (www.amt-insurance.com), which is duly accredited with Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan (MLIT). All concerned parties immediately established a joint working group, which includes, beside the insurer’s lawyers and surveyors, representative of Coast Guard, Port Authority, Fishery Communities, and local Trade Unions. Prevention of further fuel leak was given a top priority during the first stage of the salvage and wreck removal operation to avoid claims from the Coast Guard and local fishermen. A fuel leak was sealed, and fuel and oil were siphoned from the wreck. The MAP of Toyama port and the Coast Guard were more worried about ship’s removal, because if the ship had slid from breakwater, it could block the fairway. All works carried out during first stage of salvage/wreck removal operation cost the Insurer some $200,000, with Insurer being directly responsible for preventing pollution and losses cover. Wreck removal was the Shipowner’s responsibility, but the shipowner meanwhile, abdicated from his responsibilities, which, for all purposes, could be considered as abandonment. Inevitably, the wreck removal was to be effected and covered by the insurer. A contract on wreck removal was signed with “The Nippon Salvage Co. Ltd”, which won the competitive bidding. The insurer paid more than $2 mil for wreck removal works. The ship was to be put on even keel with ensuing holes sealing, hull strengthening and towage to dismantling facilities. After recovering stability and sealing off holes, the ship was taken to a shipyard in Toyama, to strengthen her hull for towage. The hull was strengthened with H Beams, and the ship now was ready in all respects for towage to a dismantling site.

 Gallipoli  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
2 hours ago by Timsen

Judgment error caused yard accident
The "Gallipoli" was left stalled on a marine railway in Clarenville because of a judgement error when the ferry was being moved, according to an official with Burry's Shipyard. The ferry was mistakenly put on a slight angle on its specialized carriage which caused it to become misaligned on its rails as workers were attempting to move the "Gallipoli", leaving company officials and others scrambling to find a way to get the vessel back into the water. The vessel has not been damaged, and there were no injuries. Work at the yard has been suspended, and a solution was expected to be found by the week's end, allowing work to continue on the refit. The lift system was fully certified by an independent third party to carry the "Gallipoli" which is assigned to the Ramea-Grey River-Burgeo ferry service on the south coast of Newfoundland. It came out of service on Sep 5, 2017, to begin a 90-day, $1.57-million refit, but unexpected problems with steel deterioration on the vessel were discovered after it was placed on dry dock, and it was now expected to be out of service until this spring. The refit was well over 50 per cent complete. Transportation and Works Minister Steve Crocker was expected to provide an update on the situation in the afternoon of Feb 21.

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