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 Nordbay  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
6 min ago by Timsen

Report: Pilot and master faulted in allision
The National Transportation Safety Board has determined that the 2016 allision of the "Nordbay" on the Lower Mississippi River was caused by the pilot and the master not adequately assessing the risks of handling the ballasted vessel during high-river conditions with strong following currents while turning into the wind. ​On Feb. 2, 2016, at 10.13 p.m. the tanker was southbound on the Lower Mississippi River in New Orleans with a pilot on board when it allided with a dock and water intakes on the left descending bank. Less than an hour later, as the vessel maneuvered through another bend in the river while heading toward an anchorage, it allided with a wharf on the left descending bank. No pollution or injuries were reported. The dock, water intakes, the wharf, and the "Nordbay" sustained an estimated $6.4 million in total damage. ​In addition to the pilot and the master not adequately assessing the risks of handling the ballasted vessel during high-river conditions, the NTSB said in its Marine Accident Brief that another contributing factor was the bridge team’s poor situational awareness of the vessel’s position in the waterway. Contributing to the second allision was the master’s distraction from his duties while making a phone call. The full NTSB brief can be viewed here: https://www.ntsb.gov/inve...

 Seven Seas Explorer  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
9 min ago by Timsen

Call at Dartmouth terminated due to stormy weather
The call of the "Seven Seas Explorer" at Dartmouth on Sep 21, 2017, was cut short due to bad weather. The vessel had been due to anchor off the mouth of the Dart, with passengers coming ashore by tender. Due to the bad weather and concerns about tendering guests from the ship into the river, the captain took the decision to terminate the visit to Dartmouth. The vessel remained at anchor for approximately an hour, in order to assess the situation. The ship instead headed out for a slow steam to its next port of call, Southampton, arrinving there in the morning of Sep 22. Report with photos: www.devonlive.com...

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