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 Giuseppe Bottiglieri  (Bulk Carrier)
6 min ago by arnekiel

Italy’s Giuseppe Bottiglieri Seeks Protection From Creditors
Italian cargo shipowner Giuseppe Bottiglieri Shipping Co. SpA has filed for court protection while it works on a restructuring plan reports WSJ. The Naples company cited "the unprecedented world freight market crisis" that has weighed on profits across the industry. Giuseppe Bottiglieri said it has prepared a new business and financial plan that is now under discussion with creditors. With 15 ships flying the Italian flag properties, the company accounts for 7% of the carrying capacity of the Italian fleet. Giuseppe Bottiglieri operates 11 dry-bulk carriers and four petroleum product tankers with an estimated value of $190 million. It wasn't known how many were at sea or the value of the cargo they moved. The company expects to continue operating while it talks with creditors and that as of now “no enforcement proceedings of whatsoever nature against the company have been made by financial creditors, suppliers, charterers, crew, employees or by any other creditor.” www.marinelink.co...

 Lehmann Runner  (General Cargo Ship)
12 hours ago by Timsen

Ship had leak since 11 months
During a control of the "Lehmann Runner" in Brake on Jan 20 officers of the water police in Brake remarked that the loading marks were incorrect. Already when boarding the ship they remarked a slight list to port as the ship was overloaded and exceeded the draught by eignt centimeters. The 56 year old Lithuanian master explained that a ballast water tank had a leak since 11 months and caused a permanent intrusion of water in a quantity of 10 tons epr hour. The crew was dewatering the ship every six hours. Since the leak occurred, a clamping screw pressed a wooden wedge onto the crack. It was also found out that the ship had loaded 45 tons corn more than allowed in Sczcecin. The department for transport and ship safety in Hamburg was notfied and banned the ship from sailing based on the results of the port state control. The ship must undergo repairs at a nearby shipyard before being allowed to sail again. Since the ship was overloaded, the captain had to pay a fine of 1825 Euros.

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