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N 35° 47' W 005° 48'

Moored Vessels

Fishing Vessel
07.12. 15:19
Fishing Vessel
08.12. 23:49
Fishing Vessel
07.12. 18:46
High-speed Craft
01.10. 20:07
Fishing Vessel
09.12. 14:33

Expected Vessels

Cargo Ship
11.12. 14:00
Cargo Ship
12.12. 21:00
Cargo Ship
14.12. 03:00
19.12. 12:00

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Latest news

Kalmar Upgrades Mediterranean Terminal to Serve Mega-Vessels

Fri Aug 23 09:14:46 CEST 2019 arnekiel

Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has concluded an agreement with long-term customer EUROGATE Tanger (EGT) in Morocco to upgrade four ZPMC ship-to-shore (STS) cranes, as part of the terminal’s expansion plans. With a quay length of 821 meters, a terminal area of 400,000 m2 and a water depth of up to 18 meters, the facility is well-equipped to handle the new generation of containerships. The terminal’s equipment fleet already includes several Kalmar machines, including rubber-tired gantry cranes (RTGs). Furthermore, Kalar will be responsible for the planning, engineering and execution of the entire project, which involves heightening the four STS cranes by 11 meters and extending the booms by six meters. The project with Kalmar will help the terminal serve mega-sized container vessels.

Agreement marks new era for dockers in Morocco

Fri Sep 26 08:56:32 CEST 2014 arnekiel

‘Dynamic economic and social objectives’ are the aim of a new collective bargaining agreement just made between an ITF-affiliated union in the Port of Tangiers, Morocco and global network terminal operator APM Terminals (APMT). The agreement follows two years of ‘difficult’ negotiations between the Moroccan National Union of Port Workers and the local APMT management, accompanied by an international campaign supported by ITF dockers’ unions worldwide.

Tanger-ville port reconversion to be completed end of 2016

Wed Oct 02 08:55:16 CEST 2013 arnekiel

HM King Mohammed VI visited this Saturday various worksites of the Tanger-ville port reconversion, carried out with an investment of 6.2 billion DH. Extending over 84 hectares, the Tanger-ville port zone reconversion project, which started in March 2011, seeks to make the city of Tangiers a flagship destination for cruising and yachting tourism in the Mediterranean by developing several poles (cruising, yachting, fisheries, hotels, culture and conferences, trade, residences and offices) In conformity with the instructions of HM the King, the project, to be completed end of 2016 will help secure an optimum reconversion of the site while respecting the rich history of the city of Tangiers, integrating the port in the city landscape and promoting environment-friendly development. The port area will have several major facilities for the world’s largest cruise ships, expected to bring to Morocco around 300,000 tourists in 2016 and 750,000 in 2020. The Tanger-ville port is also expected to become the Gibraltar strait’s port that extends the best services to sailors and sailing ships and integrated services that include ship repair, wintering, sailing ships sale and schools for sailing activities.

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