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N 14° 35'   E 120° 57'
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Expected Vessels

Name ETA
MV TRANS-ASIA 16 Photo MV Trans-asia 16   Philippines 25.09.2018 23:00 (T-AIS)
UNIVERSAL BREMEN Photo Universal Bremen   Marshall Islands 26.09.2018 06:00 (T-AIS)
LCT MONTREAL Photo Lct Montreal   Philippines 26.09.2018 07:00 (T-AIS)
MT CAMILLE Photo MT Camille   Philippines 26.09.2018 09:00 (T-AIS)
WOLVERINE Photo Wolverine   Philippines 26.09.2018 10:30 (T-AIS)

Moored Vessels

Name since
MC HUNTER Photo Mc Hunter   Antigua and Barbuda 25.09.2018 20:21 (T-AIS)
SOLID UNITY Photo Solid Unity   Philippines 25.09.2018 19:42 (T-AIS)
MV DA BFAR MMOV5001 Photo MV Da Bfar Mmov5001   Philippines 25.09.2018 19:02 (T-AIS)
MTKR  TOFINO Photo Mtkr Tofino   Philippines 25.09.2018 19:02 (T-AIS)
DON DANIEL  GSSLI Photo Don Daniel Gssli   Philippines 25.09.2018 17:55 (T-AIS)

Approaching Vessels

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