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We are currently looking for Antenna Partners to help enhance global AIS coverage.

Antenna Partners receive a list of ongoing benefits. All you need is a 24/7 internet connection and a location close to an ocean, port or waterway.

Benefits of becoming an Antenna Partner:

  • Free AIS Kit if we do not already have an antenna placed in your area
  • Free coastal AIS account at for life
    Coastal AIS coverage in real-time
    Google Earth integration
    Email & SMS alerting
    Sailing history, vessel route calculation & more
    Mobile usage
    Extended vessel data
    Extended vessel search

Becoming a Partner

Whatever your situation, we can adapt to partner with you.

  • No existing hardware:
    Should you currently not have hardware, we can supply you with an AIS Kit.
  • Existing hardware – option 1:
    You have an existing AIS reciever but do not want your PC running the whole time. We can supply you with a mini PC that transfers the AIS NMEA stream to the server.
  • Existing hardware – option 2:
    We can import AIS data from an existing application (like Shipplotter, etc. ). Get in touch and we can help you configure your software.

Operational Requirements

If you meet the following requirements, contact us today!
  • Location close to an ocean, port or waterway
  • 24/7 internet connection

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