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Maritime Transport for Passengers - Upcoming Acquisition of Two Car Ferries

Tue Feb 23 08:50:33 CET 2016 arnekiel

Algiers — The national Company of maritime transport for passengers (ENTMV) will acquire two large car ferries, allowing it to modernize its fleet and double its transport capacities, an official of this company told APS. It will be a purchase of one new car ferry whereas the second will be of less than five years, said the ENTMV sales director, Ghania Boukerbout. For the completion of these acquisition operations, international tenders will be launched in 2016, knowing that the car ferry of less than five years should be acquired in 2017, at the latest, whereas it should take 30 months for the construction and the acquisition of the new car ferry after the contract award. These two future ships will each have a capacity of 2,000 passengers and 700 vehicles, which will double the current capacity of transport of this public company.

New Algerian cargo port project will cost US-$ 3.3 bln

Thu Jan 07 09:57:42 CET 2016 arnekiel

The Algerian cabinet has approved a project for the construction of a huge new sea port at El Hamdania, near the city of Cherchell, which Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal has described as “the biggest infrastructure project since independence” from France. The area stretching over some 2000 hectares, less than 100 km from Algiers, the capital, was chosen because of its position as a sheltered natural bay with waters as deep as 20 Metres allowing the biggest container vessels to dock there. It also will be the centre of an ambitious industrial development project well connected to the railway network and motorways that will serve as a hub for international trans shipments and as a national gateway for Algeria. It will feature 23 docking quays with an overall capacity of some 25.7 million tonnes of general cargo. The programme approved by the Algerian government envisages investment of some dlrs 3.3 billion and its completion in two phases through a public-private partnership with foreign firms able to take part in the tender competition. Algeria hopes the complex will allow the north African nation to reach a total cargo movement of 35 million tonnes compared to the 10.5 million currently handled by the ports of Algiers and Ténès, officials say. Source: ANSAmed

Dubai Ports World aims to expand its investments in Algeria

Fri May 02 21:49:48 CEST 2014 arnekiel

Friday, 02 May 2014 Dubai Ports Word ( DPW ) currently manages container freight at Algiers and Djendjen ( Jijel ) ports aims to expand its investments in other Algerian ports, said this week in Algiers the Chairman of administration of the company, Sultan Bin Salim. After a meeting with the Minister of Transport, Amar Ghoul, Ben Salim said he had proposed a number of projects to be achieved by DPW Algeria, seeking an agreement without giving further details. He said that his company which has a "good" experience in the field of port management aims to develop its services in "strategic" ports including Djendjen which can, as he said "become a hub port in the Mediterranean and in Africa." The director of the company that manages 65 ports around the world said that its experience will help reduce Algeria import/ export operation costs by facilitating services and reducing the length of stay of ships in the harbor and the operations of loading and unloading of goods.

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